Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Gap the Age Creates...

Some elders still genuinely exert effort to show themselves as our role model. They constantly remind us of what are good and bad and always in oppose with disgraceful, evil or morally wrong pursuit of the younger. But it’s impossible to question them in their personal damaging activities and habits. That is regarded as impolite. Their generation also believes that the young don’t have the right to question.

For them, being blind is better like pretending having a happy world. Choosing to believe makes the world easier and perhaps happier for them. The rest is ignored. That makes the confrontation awkward and usually unwelcome. We make ourselves a fool of hypocrisy.

Don’t share your problems. It’s voodoo. Their cup is already full to carry another load. Have you asked yourself “When did their cup ever emptied?” They don’t want to face their own fears… the truth… the reality. They let the time pass… but the time makes them bitter while they sulk in the prison they’ve built around them.

It’s sad when the other person decides to leave because of the generation gap. There’s actually a lot of danger from it. The lack of proper communication makes it hard to live in harmony. We feel clueless and worthless. The lost of track makes us rebel. No one understands and cares, or if they do, how can we know? Arguments and misunderstanding damages the relationship. Then time comes someone will give up. We are like a puzzle piece that will never fit.

Given that we once love the person, it’s up to us to what level of effort are we still willing to give. Even on our own simple ways, we can show that we care. Respect is still love. Learn the art of it. What matters is our sincerity and initiative to make things better.

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