Monday, February 16, 2015

Pretend You Don't See Her Book Review

It would be better if the title of this book is related to the most thrilling part just like how it is with the other book of Mary Higgins Clark where the title is connected to the real murderer.

This is a page turner. I finished the rest of the book last saturday. I could have finished this on weekdays if only I was not sleepy due to the supplement I was taking. I rarely took a break that day until I came to a point I cannot stop with all the action and suspense rolling. I delay dinner and sacrificed the MMK show just to finish this.

The killer and the clues
The killer here doesn't hold a deep grudge. There was no underlying explanation like what tempted him/her to do it. The person was so random and has no conscience. This can be very dangerous if it exists in real life. Hiding secrets is the equivalent of sacrificed human life.

How did the killer knew that the victim was informed of his/her secret anyway? Who was his or her informant?

Book Cover

The only evidence which is the journal is impossible to crack alone (even if it's repeated multiple times in the book). It doesn't really divulge quick answers so the reader is left with the choice of turning the page to know who the real culprit is.

Who's the real killer?
I can't believe I was not able to figure out the real killer. You'll only know it after the last few pages of the book. I foolishly stick to 1 candidate but it also came to my mind the possibility that the killer was the killer. There was just no clues for him/her that makes sense to me. That is why my original candidate was a wrong guess. But the excuse used to clean the hands of my candidate from being the killer was short and lame.

Book Impression
There was something the way the author writes that will truly make the readers to continue reading till the end. The thriller is not traumatizing rather a light kind of suspense that still give a chill especially in the chase between the paid assassin and the protagonist. OMG, can you please run fast!

  • Not boring and is fast pace.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Action start immediately.
  • Easy to read with easy vocabulary.
  • Takes a short time to finish the book.
  • The easiest to read among the three book.

  • Minor flaws & unexplained sides.
  • Short love story.
  • Too much fear of the protagonist. Dreaming the crime scene over and over again. This is something hard to relate with.

Moral Lesson:
Check the loyalty of those people who we thought we knew.
Don't point fingers without catching the person doing it. Don't blame without proof.
It's not only through words that a confidential information can be revealed. Our gestures shows signs too.

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