Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Review | While My Pretty One Sleeps by Mary Higgins Clark

I still have 2 other books to read. One of them is still a book of Marry Higgins Clark. I've already made a review of the first book of her that I've read which is the “We'll Meet Again”. It's a better read than this book but it seems that the previous review I made fall a bit short in showing my appreciation.

This book has a label “#1 New York Times Bestselling Author” instead of “The #1 New York Times Bestseller” which gave me the impression that it's not that best compared to “We'll Meet Again”. The last book I will read doesn't have a label at all but hopefully I can bear it. After getting done with this book, it seems that suspense will now have a space in my heart (especially if it's a book written by a female author). I like her books. They're easy to read and good for beginners. It has a woman touch and I prefer that over too boring and serious approach.

Book Cover

It consists of 318 pages yet the last 75 pages are the real page turners. It took me a lot of days to finish the first 2/3 of it. Those parts were mostly introductions and didn't hook me. The last 1/3 is the best part and where the real action starts.

In the story, almost all the characters were introduced like they have a real share in the crime. The person who was spared but still still existed in the story was the real killer (spoilers). It made me wonder and suspicious but I came to the point too where I thought I might have the wrong idea after all without too much suspicious actions that could lead him/her to the crime. The revelation of who's the real killer was not a shock to me. (I'm impressed I guessed it right :D). It was a curiosity to me on how the author will twist the story but felt she could have made it better after that.

For first timers and those who are not yet good in seeing tiny hidden details, they could have a different reaction (something better) in this book. The “We'll Meet Again” is better because it's fast paced than this. I feel the similarities between the 2 books that's why I knew the killer in this book.

There are flaws in this books such as difficult character names and introducing almost all of them at once without allowing the reader to get to know them and be deeply attached to them. The other casts were given too much focus and their point of views seems unnecessary and insignificant or perhaps that was just a writer's way of messing the minds of average readers and to make a lot of suspects in the story. It's not as scandalous as “We'll Meet Again”.

What I like best? The hint of romance even if it's not the focus of the story. It's a reminder that a beautiful side still exists.

Still looking forward to read her other books and to know whether I will still like them. Hopefully, the killers are not always the same.

For kids and for teens. This book is wholesome and light.

Moral Lesson:
  • Re-investigate or do your own research
  • Test the truth.

How sad it is if in the real life we failed to see who the real enemy is or to know if someone is a psycho. We usually neglect some small details that can show us who a person really is.

Do you read suspense books too? Who author will you recommend?


  1. That's a nice twist in the story and after you get familiar with the characters, it gets even more interesting.

  2. I LOVE reading suspense too. It is my second favorite genre to read aside from erotica ;) The adrenaline when you are reading seems so real. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Jessica ^_^ I like romantic comedy but I'm not into erotica. Though I am not sure if some of what I've read before is considered erotica.


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