Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lazada Experience

Share your Lazada experience too... Did you have a smooth transaction or a very different kind of story worth sharing? You may link your blog/site related to my blog post with your comment below.

This is a detailed experience of a journey of a gadget purchased online until its arrival into the hands of its owner.

The idea of portability with blogging and reading ebook, and the pleasure and ease of watching videos made me want to have my own tablet too. Also, the experience of trying a local online buying gives the thrill some passionate I.T. would recognize.

Bear with probinsiyana.

Friday afternoon when finally I purchased a tab in their online website. Monday I was hoping it will be delivered. Checking in their website, it was already in transit on weekend. Learning that some got there package early, it made me hope I might get it early too, besides manila is just 8 hours away and LBC delivers my packages early. But this time, it’s not LBC for it was 2GO.

Assuming it will arrive on that day, I hurriedly went home from middle of my work just to leave my authorization letter, payment and an I.D. at home that turned out as a disappointment since it didn't arrive at all.

To make me more pathetic, I waited the whole week but nothing came until the next Saturday went by. It finally arrived around past lunch.

Two guys gave me the package. Unsure if they were in uniform that time. I receive a text message from an unregistered smart number confirming their arrival in front of our house. It was around 9am when they called from my phone, asking about nearby landmarks and that kept me waiting in vain. It was just when I decided I’d better take a nap when they texted "dito na me" x(. I have my first hold of my tablet around 1:50pm.

I asked whether I still needed to present an ID, he said 'kahit hindi na'. I asked why the package is partly opened. He said the letter was inside which was the receiving letter. It makes sense since the pack has cellophane above it for that purpose maybe.

So I signed two papers I didn’t even read sigh. I can think organizely for it was so sudden and I was currently doing some cooking that time.

He offered me to check whether the package is complete which I refuse for we are in the road. He also said that I can return it to him, or maybe he's referring to the courier, if it happen that there is some defect present in the gadget.

No. of days before I receive the item: 8 days

The processing of the product from Lazada going to the courier is fast however the delivery from the courier to the buyer is slow. I wish I know the reason behind. We can assume that they wait for other loads so the shipping will be cost saving in their part.

Updates of tracking using the website is slow. It will take 24 hours but then it was clearly stated from the site.

The packaging
The purchased item was covered with a bubble wrap and finally of the cellophane packing from the courier. The only indication of Lazada's presence was the tape used and the sticker. The whole package was covered with plastic wrap, the same one used in wrapping foods.

The purchased item after delivery
We will never be sure of how was it taken cared during the shipping unless we will be oriented. What if it was compressed badly? Can we really know if the gadget was dropped in the process? Take the risk.

So far, the gadget's fine. Something I noticed was that of the charger's box where it seemed like it was pressed by something heavy above it. But the box of the tablet, which is separate from the charger's, is I believe sturdy enough.

Wish there is a way to track the package through texting just in case there is no internet available. Something like a code you will send from a certain official number.

By the way, I got one missed call around Thursday morning from unregistered globe number. I was in the work that time. I changed my caller profile setting just in case that number will call again, but it didn't. I even texted "Sino po sila" but got no response. This gave me the feeling I 'might' receive the package that time but when I got home, it didn't came. Friday is the same story but I’m getting pissed off. Unfortunately there's no internet connection from the past 3 days. Kahit ako na sanang kumuha kaso hindi ko alam location ng 2GO since lumipat sila. Out of frustration, I texted the same Globe number something like "2GO ba to? I've been waiting for the package" and then I received a message "ano pong name ma'am?". So that's it. The package probably arrived Thursday like what my instinct was saying. However I asked the delivery man about the time of arrival of this package and he said it was Friday. There is confusion in this part or miscommunication.

Side story:
I was so upset the following Friday that I went to mall and played arcade. Good thing my mood became lighter, I won a stuffed toy for the first time.

For buyers like me:
-be consistent in tracking through online
-know the telephone number of the courier
-be sure to know the courier branch location in your place

Yes. Though I had a slight unpleasant experience in my first online shopping experience, I still will try to shop again. :)

“My first online shopping…”

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