Thursday, July 25, 2013

Investing for my skin

I tend to have a very dry skin. It was something I don’t really mind before, but it feels like a responsibility now. Good for those who inherited a radiant looking skin from their parents. Lucky genes.

Honestly, it was a lackadaisical thing for me, but I’d better do something now before regret from aged skin will overwhelm me. I’m not used into investing something for the future. But to be wise? I have to. After all, everyone will come to that phase.

I’m careful of my health and very particular of how I spend my money. For people like me where money is something very hard to earn, wasting it to different health plans, life plans and so on is a just so serious affair. New kind and brands of supplements are being manufactured in a wink of an eye that it made me wonder of its reliability along with their manufacturer. It’s very trendy that it disturbs me when vitamins are being recycled or imitated for the expense of those disgusting businesses. I can still forgive fake gadgets, but when it comes to health? Faked medicines? It’s just so much.

I was pondering about things such as:
- Trusted brand vs. price
- Time of taking the vitamin
- Ingredients of such vitamins
- mg needed by my body

I was a fool to think of products intended outside the skin alone, for I realized, even it was partly late, that care should also come from within. No matter how much you indulge into beauty products, when you are ugly inside it doesn’t make sense at all. Nonetheless, what’s good about skin is you can affect in inside and out.

Beauty matters because beauty is our responsibility.

Most of information I found in the internet are food suggestions and claims of different vitamin products. Rarely do I find, or not at all, about how that vitamin does technically helps us. I’ve been curious a bit of how those stuff works. It would be something educational if they’ll enlighten us. Become a more conscious and wiser consumer!

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