Thursday, July 11, 2013

Playing Minesweeper

It’s some kind of boring when there is no internet connection at work. To further the annoyance, office work is mostly repetition of simple task that even elementary grade can do. Ain’t you find taking college degree useless at this instance? To make the matter worse, I’m feeling a bit hungry that makes me more agitated. My composure is ruffled by minute to minute back outing in my cubicle’s chair. I can’t think well. I’m torn between waiting for the lunch time and spending money for a snack. Should I? Spend another hard earned peso?

So far, I indulge myself into playing minesweeper. My mind cannot clearly remember who taught me how to play this and its very logic. Maybe my sister. So far, I haven’t tried winning expert. Then tadah.. my classmates got curious too when they found out that I can play it. Eventually, they too played and I got lost when it comes to fastest finished minesweeper.

Sometimes, I’m thinking of studying some strategy to be the fastest but can’t find time. There’s always ways…

And. This made me miss programming… but I wonder why I’m not really enthusiastic when presented with puzzle games unlike answering the mystery of those languages and finding solutions to them. However, big projects give me head aches. Too much information over the internet that I can’t find the specific solution to just a tiny problem I am looking. That is what you call “frustrating”.

Preview of minesweeper awhile ago:

Shortcut for print screen for the current window alone:
Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen
(I’m so hungry…)


If only I have a photographic memory…

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