Friday, July 26, 2013

Usher Notes

These are notes I took down during the preparation and orientation of usher and usherettes and some ideas came after my personal experience.

Places you should know:
- Smoking area (first, make sure if smoking is allowed in the event)
- Rest room for male and female
- Food and Tissue. Some might ask coffee or bottled water.

During the event
- Be observant enough. Ask the visitor if he/she has companions.
- Ask for their tickets

Avoid picture taking during delivery of speech.

- Sitting arrangement of the audiences.
- Picture arrangement.
- Copy of pictures of persons assigned to you. Familiarize yourself with the people you are assigned to. Before the event, it’s much better if you kept in your mind an imaginary picture of those persons.

For you.
- Eat before the event.
- Don’t bring lot of stuffs.
- Bring some energy bar just in case you become hungry.

Picture taking:
1. Oath Taking solo
2. Oath Taking with family
3. Official signing with Family
4. Official signing solo

“Birukan mi kayu”
There are some VIPs that suddenly have no place to sit, saying positive words like you will find a sit for them is a safe approach.

If you have a related and helpful blog article, feel free to post your link in the comment section for me and for readers to visit. 
 - Probinsiyana

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