Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What’s Up…

Much more focused in my health, especially skin lol. Things like I’m getting paranoid for the future that I might get some diseases, for you might agree with me that this present environment is not as safe as before, with exposure of chemical and radiations everywhere brought by invented products and gadgets. Stroke and cancer are some of the common illnesses that caught my attention. Though sometimes it feels like there’s no reason for rising every morning, still I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. Yeah I don’t wanna age early, I have this fear that getting old will not synch with my present age.

Stress. This is something that made me contemplate these past days. I recently realize stress is no joke. Stress will make us sick. So you have a very high paying job, but your health is at stake. It’s like you are earning for future hospitalization. Blood diseases, cancer and the likes are sometimes due to stress, which sometimes came from work. Just in case, I wanna have a long life, a healthy long life. (I don’t dream of a wealthy life amidst a battle of health problems.)

Bangag. Lucid dreams seems enjoying its stay on my slumber for the past few days. If only its not nightmare.  I’ve been waking up at 12 or at 2 am. So I feel like beaten up. It gives me head ache. Sleeping well is a very hard task when you feel that your room is soo hunted, but in the morning it felt like just normal. I sometimes wanted to put lots of bible with me in my bedside, bear with me. This wayward thinking made me laugh, soo ridiculous. (especially when I am away in my haunted sanctuary).

Work. I’ve being bored in my business. So far, I look for things to divert the feeling.

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