Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sweet Surrender

Love story

Nakakakilig!!!... Ang kyut ng love story ni Yeng Constantino ng biglang napatigil ako at nanood ng the buzz. Ngiti na lang ang nagawa ko. Who would not want to have a beautiful lovestory?

Recently, dumadami na ata ang may mga mala fairy tale na story sa showbiz. The wedding of Carmina Villaruel will sure be a source of envy for other Evas. Then came Maricar's story where you can feel the overflowing emotions of the bride. Love may come in different forms and intensity and each has a unique stories spiced up. They are those who are lucky to have a kind of story worth telling.

Going back to Yeng, they're both NGSB and NBSB pala. The 'sweet surrender' was something Yeng commented and that was I choose as the word for this day. Someday, if God would permit, I'd be happy to feel that sweet surrender too. Yet everyone has a different fate, and this is comparable of winning sweepstakes, you may win or its not for you.

Isn't it nice to hear the sharing of stories of two in love couples as you witness the magic of love in their happy-so-contented smiles? Those unique stories are so cute especially on how they show they really treasures and cherises those memories they had with each other. Take example the act Yeng's bf did where he cut those roses and put in a jar, something Yeng didn't know.

Yun lang by the time I'm through with this blog post, i'm back in being bitter.

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