Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thesis thing…

Are you an Information Technology student who’ll soon have their thesis-making?

Something college students should be prepared of. This is also a very head aching phase of college life that even until now, remembering the word makes me anxious. A nightmare.

This is a vital part of your thesis life, and somehow should be dealt in best possible seriousness. Before determining your group mates, you should first ponder about what grades you really like to have. You should also be something that has a market value before being egotistical in picking your partners in this very critical venture.

You may want to have someone who is communication wise. Who is witty enough to answer when the jury starts to throw open ended questions.

It doesn’t really have to be so flashy. Simplicity still applies but you have to take account the environment and the users you are engaging with. It might come into a formal look yet easy to be understood. Take risk but not too much.

Source Researcher
No man is an island. You will need the help of other people. You need a member who is “madiskarte” when it comes to finding the right people that can also contribute to your team i.e. older schoolmates who can give advices. The researcher might also be in the form of a brilliant researcher in subjects related to the project.

A member who is going all the cody stuff is needed. Having many programmer will be a less of advantage when not behaving in a team way. This is a very hard and time consuming work.

Choosing a member who will just pay instead of contributing scholarly will just divide the team. Worst is having a member who got OCD problems where contributing money is painstaking and little biased-like event makes them nagging a lot. Be wise. Choose someone who’s not in only for the profit but into the experience and work.

Not so much but you cannot just run away from the documentation of the system. One writer is enough, usually from female line.

You need a leader who will LEAD.

Don’t go for a member who you can’t trust and vulnerable of getting jealous from achievement of other member.

However, this is just an ideal kind of group. Rarely will you find a perfect team.


  1. Thesis.... yeah, I can feel that.

    A perfect team is a good leadership and team-player members. As long as they are properly guided regardless whether the team members are so not expert. Communication is also crucial on achieving this venture.

    I've done several thesis (I mean, they outsourced me to code their system) and one of the most challenging part is the gathering of information. Parang ako na nag-thesis. "Information is everywhere, but you should know how to pick the right and eliminate the redundancies". Perhaps they are expecting me to conceptualize the whole idea for them... but "hey! I'm just an outsourced programmer. Ako na din kaya mag-defend anu?". Sometimes I feel unfair for them, because I realized that someday, "Panu itong mga batang ito when they are on the stage of applying and developing their career in the industry?". That's why I'm extending a little bit my responsibility to lead them but not to gather information haha..
    Of course, they should do that for their own betterment at dapat lang so that they know what they are defending.

    Aside from that, you expect a much lower price.. "student kasi". Way back college, money is not easy. I always put my foot on their shoe pa din kahit mayaman pa sila. Because in the first place, that is not their money.

    But nevertheless, both side were benefited.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Anon. I would appreciate it more if you somehow left a name. The school should focus on creating a good team rather than feeding students with lessons that might not be useful in the future someday. This will contribute in our economy and our country.

      They should not take InfoTech if they can't make those crucial part like making a program.


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