Friday, July 26, 2013

Search for Foundation

Still searching…. Foundation is something a should-invest-thing for a woman but I usually find those kikay kits tiresome. Once, I was so uninterested but it came to me as a necessity in the later part of my life. Part of proper hygiene is what I call it.

Since I am not really that exposed with no one nearby to influence me, I am still on my own venture into looking for the one that suits my needs. Technology got into the bloom but beauty products haven’t changed so much in where I lived. A lot of cheap products but seemingly useless still manage its way in the market. Business.

Too much factors to be consider too that I still have to uncover on my own.

With the absence of decent mall, I don’t even know where to find stuff aside from searching online. I know no one who I can seek for professional help, or just some generous tips and tricks from a friend. Still, somewhere in the road, I stumble into someone who got an admirably cool make up.

Yet I see a lot of people who doesn’t look good in their make up. Some wore a very white make up that it looks so unnatural; the color of their face and neck doesn’t even match. I myself is very conscious of the thing I use, I’m partly afraid it will just make me look worse. But being inexperienced, I am not even a good critic of myself.

Going back to foundation, so much skin service is offered that I don’t know what to choose. Should I add facial wash in my routine? Or I’ll just try over-the-counter products? If only I can just get rid of it. I’m getting fed up into retouching 3 times a day and feeling like cakey. I am thinking of a powder free life with a radiant look skin but I wonder if that would cost an arm and leg or if there’s already a product that promises same thing with a reasonable price.

Experience will teach me…

It’s good to be reunited with my blog again. I felt incapacitated during the long waits of the return of internet connection. Expect tons of blog I’ll be posting these following days. Anyway, the dates of my post in July are set into the date I created it. Due to failure in internet connection in the past, I was not able to post it right away.

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