Friday, November 28, 2014

Miacare Acne Patch for Night Review

Whenever I return home, darkness already intimidated the night sky and the spaces underneath. BER months means longer nights. The earliness discourages me and makes me less productive. I still want to do some work but it’s as if it’s a call to stop. Oh how I wish this gloomy air to end asap.

Mia Care Acne Patch

Finally, I was able to try this product. High expectation just led me to some disappointment. Bench Acne Patch is more effective than this (perhaps it’s because Bench is medicated). Nonetheless, there are still some parts of it worth appreciating.


I somehow feel there’s something wrong in the way the English words are expressed. For packaging, it’s cute and well presented. After trying the product though, it seems that they need to trim some design and make it simple to match the product effectiveness too.

Ingredients are not included. It’s only labeled as hydrocolloid dressing. It didn’t mention if it’s medicated.

Individual Acne Patch

Hydrocolloid dressing
The dressing will draw the building white head in the skin and absorbs it at the same time. It’s like a multipurpose band aid for pimple. It’s somehow similar in the idea of pricking. It breaks the skin when the head is already ripe. This sucks up the puss in the pimple and turns it into gel. The healing process becomes faster but still leaves a pimple mark.

Once the puss is totally drained, there’s no more reason to continue using this as it won’t minimize redness and remove blemishes. That would just be a waste of product.

There’s still lack of available information for its disadvantages to the skin.


- Good for occasional pimples.
- This looks better than showing your cystic pimple.
- Works better than just using a concealer for pimple.
- A hygienic option
- Quick solution

- It seems that this is not practical for those who have plenty severe pimples.
- Doesn’t minimize redness unlike Bench acne patch.
- Lack of knowledge to maximize the product’s usage.

Another way…

Some people around the net prick their pimple with sanitized needle to create a small opening and put the hydrocolloid afterwards. This method is not indicated in the product’s packaging. I’m intrigued if pricking the pimple and applying this patch in the skin is safe or is really used that way

Miacare Acne Patch in skin

First night – I put it in a forming cystic pimple. It’s very sticky and has to be peeled in the center. I didn’t know that before but I remember noticing the tear line in the middle. (That’s me not realizing the instruction very well).

1st morning – The patch is hard to remove and is painful. There’s already a puss in the middle of the pimple. It’s the most painful among the 3 morning. It’s as if the puss is forcefully sucked for it to rise.

2nd morning – It removed some puss but there is still some left. Instead of putting another patch right after the broken skin, I’ve waited for night to come.

3rd morning – The remaining puss is not removed. I theorize that it’s because it’s smaller and doesn’t have an opening. Perhaps I should have used another patch right after I removed it in the morning instead of waiting for another night to come.

Recommend? You can try. Hopefully you’ve already have a grasp of how this works. Know what to expect.

Repurchase? Yes, only if the time comes I really need this. It’s not easily available in our place anyway but I know the feeling of having a rare humongous cystic pimple. But for now? No.

Rate: 4/5

Should we really pop our pimples?

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