Sunday, January 4, 2015

Book Review | We'll Meet Again by Mary Higgins Clark

My college niece let me borrow this. She said it was one of her favorite including the other 2 of Mary Higgins Clark's book she gave.

I'm not really into suspense books but I'm open for possibility of liking other things. I have read similar books before just because a friend or an Aunt handed it me. And I really like some of them. I came to realize that there are good books and there are also poorly written books. I just hope that I wont often encounter the latter as it can turn me off from reading books.

I like how this book started compared to he book The Lost Symbol of Dan Brown. It's simple and begins without paligoy ligoy. It's quite thick but the end twist seems like a rush one. It is not too horrifying compared to the past suspense books I've read. Despite that, I will still recommend this for kids as it is engaging and very easy to read. It only requires little help from dictionary.

It took me short breaks when reading this but I finished it in a span of 1 whole day and 1 night.

The #1 New York Times Bestseller

Book cover

In this book, there's hardly hidden goodness in most of the characters. They seems shallow and just doing what desires them without considering other people's sake. They are what they are. And theses people can possibly exist in real life too. Watch out!

This book can change your view about professionals such as Doctors.

Not a bad book to pick if you want to burn time and somehow have something to read during blue days. It's not very spectacular, but somehow passed my taste.

Lesson Learned?
  • Lawyers are not detectives. They don't do the actual digging, they only rely with obvious evidences.
  • One of the worst thing that can happen in your life is to be framed.
  • We don't have the right to judge other people's scandal as we don't know all the underlying stories.
  • A lot of people in real life will use us to their advantage.
  • Avoid a marriage proposal that needs a hostess instead of a partner in life.
  • Actions and emotion speaks louder than words.

Quotes from the book:
I needed to know how he felt about me, why he away so much, why, if he wasn't happy in our marriage, he hadn't been honest and told me instead of letting me waste so much time and so much effort in trying to be a good wife to him.

I realize now that anything he said to me about you then was because he thought it was what I wanted to hear.

I guess I never saw beyond the looks and the charm.

How about a story of suspense about Philippine politics? Hmm mmm..

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