Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vaseline healthy white SPF 24 triple lightening lotion review

Helps keep you fair & even toned under the sun.

-SPF24: Protects your skin from getting burnt by UVB rays
-PA++: Prevents skin from becoming dark, uneven and blemished due to UVA rays
-Vitamin B: Makes skin fair

Vaseline healthy white SPF 24 triple lightening lotion review

Direction for use: use twice a day for best results. Apply thoroughly to avoid produce rubbing off on clothes.
Warnings: 1) do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a product with sunscreen 2) store product away from sunlight 3) in the unlikely event of skin irritation, stop using and consult a doctor immediately.

Since I became fond of the green Vaseline, I tried another variety of it. I was very disappointed with the effect. I have learned that not every product of certain brand would suit one person. Different variety means different person.

This is not a moisturizing lotion for me. It feels dry in the skin and I’m not using it several times a day. I'm afraid that I’m putting so much unnecessary chemicals in my skin when in fact, I really don’t need. So, I use it only once or if the occasion needs it. When I knew I’m going to be walking under the sun, that's when I start to apply.

The smell really lasts long. In the second day of using this, I noticed that some of my dry skin is shedding off. I wonder if it exfoliates. After a week, my skin got many tiny bumps. I don't know if it resembles something like "bungang-araw". At this point, I have this acceptance that this is not my everyday kind of lotion. I would somehow survive in using this daily if I can wash this off in my skin every night. But that's too lazy for me to do.

Does it whiten?
I really cannot say so. I cannot persevere enough to judge it. The use of this for me is just for avoidance of harmful rays of the sun. I admit I initially became attracted to this because of the idea of whitening plus protection from Sun. Anyways, according to the bottle, it lightens, not really the word whitens.

Rate: 2/5
-Maybe I’ll still be using this if I’ll be going to beach.

-So far NO. Yes if I’ll be needing it.

Vaseline Lotion Expiry Date

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