Friday, June 27, 2014

Blog update... This week.

Sorry for unorganized frequency of my post recently. I thought I could make a blog post daily but I just can’t make it over night. If the reason is not being totally distracted I am just sleeping too early. I don’t know what to say too. It seems I cannot also find the right topic for worth remembering life events have been so scarce. I cannot even watch a movie and finish the book I’m currently reading. Woah, I thought this month would have the highest number of blog post, but it appeared I’m wrong. Epic :D

So what made me busy? Most of my time was spent sleeping and probably dreaming. I got set of nightmares recently; even people I don’t want to remember appears in my dream. The other I spent reading information about my skin type and thinking what product would suit me.

Yesterday I watched The Love from the Star in GMA. Perhaps it’s the last week of its airing because the comet has already arrived. It’s the TV series boyfie and I always do watch and talk about. Unfortunately, he can’t watch it anymore due to his new hectic schedule. This is one of the most intense portions of the series that made me cry. I was in the verge of crying but the several ‘I might cry’ turned into mild tears. That episode moved me. (Recalling it is silly, I only became aware of it due to the powdery taste of the tears from the loose powder I put on my face instead of being salty)

Other than that, I am very irritated of what happened to my eyebrow. This is the thinnest and ugliest eyebrow I ever had. I was in a hurry and that’s what usually happens for sudden and doubtful decision and for being impatient.  You should be always verbal and firm of what you want in order to have the most desirable result.

Going back to those products, I have here some of those I hoarded. Others I didn’t include here. Okay I’m guilty due to panic and irritation.

Mena cream, Off Lotion, Iwhite Face cream,  Maxi-peel, Cetaphil cleanser
I bought the Maxi-peel a year ago. It’s sitting in my closet. I’m not using it since there’s someone who’ll get very angry to me if I will. He said a lot of things like I’ll look like a zombie, a ghost, artificially white and etc.

 Wishing you a great weekend… ^_^

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