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Venus & Mars Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil Sample Review

Venus & Mars Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil Sample Review

Price: P475 (30ml)

Placenta, charcoal, papaya, oatmeal, sulfur, kojic acid, gluthathione, etc. Remember those days? Did you even try any of them? And now here comes the miracle oil, the Emu oil. Or maybe I'm just late to know.

This is one my first loot with Sample Room. If you didn't know what Sample Room is, I have a post that tells my first experience there. The small size of sample can be quite unsatisfying but is considerable if you think about the expensiveness of the full size and the gathering process of the emu oil.

Here is my review in Sample Room:
I was bit disheartened that the sample is not large but still greatly surprised with its effect. I got small patches of bruise in my legs and it did lighten it in a very short span of time. It’s miracle oil indeed. It even works with fresh bites and helps lighten blemishes. It’s a multipurpose product and I want to have a full size of it.
Emu Oil Sample Review bottle

How Emu oil works?
The natural oil from our body protects our skin and makes it soft, smooth and well-hydrated. The fatty acids found in Emu oil are somehow similar to the natural oil our body produced. With the use of Emu oil, it helps in protecting, repairing and restoring our skin in a sort of natural way.

There are too many believed benefits of Emu oil. It helps in pain reduction, relief of irritation, reducing redness (anti-inflammation) and of moisturizing the skin. It is said to treat several skin illnesses and is anti-aging. Others I don't mention here.

Emu Oil comes from a small ostrich-like bird. It is the world's second largest bird and is a flightless bird. It is a protected wildlife species but is raised on farms.

The emu oil is very light and easily absorbed by the skin. It feels mild and gentle to the skin.

It is odorless but if you have a sensitive nose, you can probably smell the oil in it (like a fat).

Emu Oil Sample Review swatch

My Personal Experience
I didn't experience any itchiness but I recommend to always do a patch test in new products. I am impressed with the effect it made in a short period of time. Since I have only small quantity of oil to test, I only used it to insect bites and bruises in legs during my red days. A few hours will make a visible effect and there it proved to reduce redness. It does the same with the bruise (only faster), however I believe it does work fast when the bites and bruise are fresh. Old scars are still as stubborn.

Tips! Make sure to apply it every morning and evening. Skipping routine can somehow lessen the desired effectiveness.

-I like the lightness of the oil

Venus & Mars Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil Sample Review for bites
-A bugging issue about the lack of FDA approval.
-The packaging of the sample somehow spoils my overall experience.
-Awkward every time I think of those poor birds. “It's their fats I’m putting on my skin!”

Not a perfect score for poor Emu birds and because I only have a sample size

Maybe. It's expensive but it really has astonishing effect with bruise.

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