Monday, June 30, 2014

Blotting Sheet Review: Kleenex Facial Oil Blotter

Blotting Sheet Review: Kleenex Facial Oil Blotter

I used to ignore Kleenex blotting sheet despite of its being highly accessible. I had a mistake of assuming it resembles the thickness of onion paper. The reviews on internet about Kleenex blotting sheet are mostly good. And since my Gatsby blotting sheet has all used up, it won't hurt to try.

Blotting Sheet Review: Kleenex Facial Oil Blotter 2

Unwrapping the plastic reveals the prettiest blotting sheet I have ever seen. Such an elegant box is hiding in its less eye-catching plastic cover.

Honesty, I am not yet convinced of whether I need a blotting sheet. Having one could be a self saver in some awkward situations though. There are products that will prevent production of oil or will have a long lasting mattifying effect but I don't know how to find them, and it's an hesitation to buy a full size and only to find out it doesn't do what it claims. I want to try something reasonably price. In the meantime, I'll just satisfy myself with a blotting sheet.

Kleenex Oil Control Blotting Sheet

-New soft-touch twin layer blotter absorb 2X more oil versus ordinary film blotter while keeping you make-up intact.

-Discreet floral backsheet design. Special back layer prevents oil from seeping through, keeping your fingers clean.

How to Use: Remove sticker inside panel. Press lid down onto sheet and lift. Blot plain side on your skin to remove oil from skin

INGREDIENTS of Kleenex Facial Oil Blotting Sheet

1. Polypropylene
Polypropylene is used in different plastic products or made into a plastic fiber. It has a #5 recycling number, 'PP' symbol and has a higher melting point than other plastics. The newer version has a rubbery texture making it more flexible and workable. It doesn't secrete harmful chemicals and is regarded as a safe plastic. However there are still arguments that all kinds of plastic does leach at some point.

2. Polythylene
Polythylene (PE) is one of the most commonl used plastic. From plastic bags to different beauty containers and bottes, it has become so widespread and widely used. It can be melted and recycled but is not biodegrable. The environmental issue came from the fact that it accumulates and doesn't decompose. Some plastics are mixed with another compound to help in the decaying process.

3. Calciym Carbonate
Acts as an absorbent.

Back side of Kleenex blotting sheet

The sheet is thicker and is average in size but is actually smaller than my last blotting sheet. It is also powderless. The sheet has a rubbery and sturdy feeling. The back part is very comfortable to use that I appreciate who ever designed it. It sticks in the face that you don't have to press harder.

Torn Kleenex blotting sheet

Besides from being harder to torn than the other paper blotting sheet, it can be non-environmental friendly. When torn, the fibers from the back side and the stretched remnants becomes plain.

The Kleenex blotting sheet costs around P91.55 with 50 sheets. Each sheet costs P1.83. I bought mine in CSI.

Push back of Kleenex

Though initially confused, I realized that the push area at the back is useful when few sheet is left.

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