Monday, June 16, 2014

KW089-1555 Unisilver Watch Review

Stainless steel back
Water resistant
Japan movement
1 year warranty

I've mention this watch here. It was 50% off and yet it was at the far end display, hidden like it doesn’t want to be sold. The style reminds me of old school and the photographic effect that Instagram is famous of.

The strap of my watch is like a silicon if it's not a plastic. A bad thing about buying a very cheap plastic watch is that it tends to get smelly. The stink might have come from the substandard material used. I wonder why those plastic watch came a trend when for me it's harder to clean and looks non-environmental friendly. It might even have a lead on it.

It’s a cheap and with quality watch.

The strap is nice.

-Double Lock. It has a stopper on the end. It was a nice innovation. I don't know if it will be a good or a bad thing. For now, I find it good since I tend to arrange the lock of my watch often.
-Glowing in the dark (clock arms).I thought it was only the arms that glow, but the numbers do glow; only it's weaker. That explains the style and the size of the font. I noticed that the sun makes it glow.

The color is dirty white. It has a pink shade when light is reflected. I don't know which of the two I detest.

Cost of battery replacement: P120

The top three thing that I usually consider when I buy a watch:
1. Number. I buy watch not for mere aesthetic purpose. I need a well written number that would help me know the time with just a quick glance. I don't want a guessing game to blame for being late.
2. Style. A square shape watch would emphasize the thinness of your wrist along with the width of the strap. I'll go for watches that has circles in it and that has an average size for a strap size. I haven't yet tried those bulky watches.
3. Color. I usually want a white one or maybe a steel watch. I want a neutral color for a band, a white, steel or brown. Maybe I would try black, mint green or gray someday.

Maybe changing the color and the font of the number will improve the design.

Nonetheless, I don't get choosy when a watch is given to me as a gift. It's an opportunity to learn and adapt in changes.

One of the problems I have with this kind of watches is that the strap tends to have discoloration with time. It turns yellowish. I hope that they would give tips on cleaning and taking care of watches or they give a bottle of cleaning solution.

How about you? How do you buy a watch?


  1. i like the watch you posted. I like the simplicity of it. Yes, we do have similarities in buying watch. And if they had like this watch color green, id like to buy it, for a friend this Christmas. :D

    1. Thanks for dropping by :) it's good to know I'm not alone. Not sure if I saw a green watch there... but why green? is it his/her favorite color?


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