Friday, June 13, 2014

Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel Review

“Infused with Purified Bee Venom clinically proven to help treat mild to moderate acne.”

Dermatologist tested

belo acnepro pimple gel review swatch
Since it is a gel, it has a light consistency. When it comes to smell, it’s odorless.

It is one of the painful ways to heal acne due to its stinging sensation. The pain would only last for around 1 minute and it’s gone. For me, it’s tolerable. Our acne heals itself with or without the usage of any products. Belo acnepro pimple gel helps in speeding up the healing process.

I want to believe that somehow it did help heal my acne. However, in every vanished pimple comes the birth of another pimple. It doesn’t work with my closed comedomes. It doesn't instantly heal acne and this can be a good or bad thing depending on the point of view of the consumer. Healing would take a minimum 4 days. The size of the zits you have can affect the span of the curing period.

What it does to me is it makes the pimple ripe until the day it's already gone.

Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel instruction

Keep in mind that this product is for healing acne, not for preventing it. I only used the gel which is the last and third step of the daily routine. The use of facial wash (AcnePro Pimple-Fighting Gel Face Wash) and toner (AcnePro Treatment Toner) could lead to a much better result.

belo acnepro pimple gel review expiration

-I like using products that targets the affected area only
-Dermatologist Tested
-Does what it claims but not instantly.
-Expiration date is well printed
-Doesn’t have paraben

belo acnepro pimple gel review ingredients

-The tube looks yellowish when it should be white isn’t it?
-I find the tube’s cover big.
-It could leave a pimple mark.
-It stings.
-I believe that the printed instruction could be better they would make it a shade darker.


No. I will try another product.

Maybe this might work for you.


  1. Hi gurl,
    Its me again? Wla ka nung Acne Pro Face wash ska toner ?
    Nkkatuyo b ng pimples tong pimple gel? Thanks!

    1. Wala akong toner and wash. Pero until now hindi ko pa din nauubos itong belo pimple gel ko. Nope, it works by making the pimple ripe or siguro it encourages blood flow lang. Ang sakit kaya nito :(. It's either magiging red siya, mahihinog or mawawala siya. So far ang alam kong nakakatuyo is benzoyl peroxide and rinig ko pati yung celeteque spot treatment.

      Ung pimples sa baba na malalaki, ginagamit ko to dun para mabilis siya mahinog at pumunta sa ibabaw ng skin. While sa super tiny cystic pimples hindi ko siya ginagamit, hinahayaan ko mag self heal.

  2. alam nyo guys, If you want best result kelan, hindi lang isa meron kayo... dapat yung tatlo... facial wash, toner, at gel

  3. well... hindi natin maja-judge kung effective yan kung hindi natin subukan yung tatlo.. facial wash, toner, and gel..

    1. Sorry Seeker, for me hindi kailangan na gamitin ang buong set to see if the gel is effective. You can have a facial wash and toner from a different brand and pair it with this gel. Maaari din namang facial wash and toner is enough, kahit wala ng gel. It's more of experiment, finding what is enough or best for your skin. Doing the 3 steps nga naman will guarantee a better result.


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