Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just Got my Unisilver watch, Nivea Sale, RRJ Sale

Nivea Sale: 50% off
I stumble into a blog where I found out about the recent 50% off promo of Nivea. If only I went to the supermarket, I could have known about the promo too. Just yesterday I went there and still saw the remnants of the banners of the said promo. I am interested to try their hand cream but I didn't find any. Maybe I could have bought their milk lotion too.

RRJ Sale: One buy take one in Jeans, 50% off for blouses in CSI
I saw it last Friday. I almost bought me a pink blouse. Unfortunately, the fitting room is dark since there's no light. I tried fitting it but can't figure out if it does look good. Other than that, I always find their blouses unfit to me. It's either vertically long, the shoulder is too short or my size is in the middle or none at all. For jeans, I don't like skinny type. I almost bought a buy 1 take 1 shorts too if there's a gray one that fits me. I like a light brown and gray short. In the end, the idea of having a tight budget won over the lure of the sale.

Just Got my Unisilver watch, Nivea Sale, RRJ Sale

Nonetheless I bought myself a watch, which is the main purpose why I went there, and some basic toiletries. I'll make a review of this Celeteque after I’m done with the yellow Eskinol I'd bought last time.

Being watchless is a critical thing to me. Expect me to be my worst with time without it. It was December last year when the battery of my Unisilver watch ended. Then I bought a very cheap watch that didn't last for months and smelled rubbery. I waited a long period of time finding a watch that I would love to wear. I'm looking forward for a leather one but the one I got now is not that bad at all.

Unisilver watch

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