Thursday, April 9, 2015

Just A Bond with Couz

Goya cookies and cream
Goya cookies and cream.

Cousins are like with friends, sometimes you need an effort too to reach out and be with them to avoid awkward silences brought by being strangers. Honestly, it’s hard to keep up. Just like the quotes about the grains of the sand, you cannot hold them all forever. Then only few people will remain sticking in your life later.

I’m relieved to see my cousin after a month of hiatus. It seems there’s still a lot of change I missed though. The effect of having a new love life is apparent to him. I can sense the lack of full attention during our conversations. Oh well, that’s the trance of falling in love and it is strong when it’s just starting.

Sometimes, I feel like I have a responsibility to look after him. You know, I believe every guy needs a bit of guidance from a female who’s more matured than them (no matter how strong they are) else a guy is doomed. It may be a mom, friend or a cousin like me.

For other people, all we need is to show ourselves and make them feel our presence.

Greenwich with cousin
We just ate.

One of the things I like about my cousin is he spends his cash generously while trying to be thrifty. If he has the cash, he won’t make you hungry. I really hate kuripot guys! Unfortunately, he’s kinda short now so he gave me Goya instead because he likes chocolates. And I found out, I like this too.

Having a cousin is like having a close friend that will be there forever because you are connected through blood and as if it’s escapable seeing each other most of the time with family reunions. They’re the first friends and usually the first bully in our life.

Not everyone is close with their cousins but not giving us a chance to bond with them is a huge mistake our parents do. There’s family drama and the differences with age and status in life that creates gap. The more is merrier too; to have someone close your age is a luck. I am not close with all of my cousins but all of them have part in my childhood memories.

We may not know what lies in the future, but the invested time we made will surely have a positive result. Being with them is also an opportunity to learn.

Cousin photo

Are you close with your cousins? How do you spend your time with them?

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