Monday, April 27, 2015

Pond's Dewy Rose Gel Review

Pond's Dewy Rose Gel

When I first heard about this Dewy Rose Gel, I am not really interested. It's just another gel version created to catch the attention of consumers so there's something we can call "new" from them. There's already overwhelming number of beauty products created and I can't imagine what the other newly released product can still offer.

Nonetheless, it’s so nice to have an opportunity to try different products. Just like this, it surprisingly goes well with my face. I would still be ignoring this if I haven't tried a sample of this gel and will never know how good this product is. Lesson learned? Don’t underestimate some product but it's still "to try is to believe".

Whitening Soft Gel in Flawless White

Product’s Texture and Consistency

The consistency of this is almost similar to Iwhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream that I have reviewed before. But I would say that this is more thrilling to use. The color and scent is better than the Aqua's blue and unisex scent and it's more feminine.

This Pond’s variant has a hint of beer scent like as if it was fermented. That gave me an impression that it will do something good in my face (which is right). The tiny shimmery particles are very attractive to the eyes too.

Glittery or Shimmery Particles

The short span of using this didn’t give me an instant whitening effect, but it made my face radiant and blooming. It healed and prevented the occurrence of my pimples. I don’t have dark spots and bothering pimple marks before the review to vouch the improvement in that area.

The moisturizing effect is average (it’s not heavy). It’s light like how a gel should be yet it keeps the face hydrated for the whole night. The face is dewy or moist if you stay late in night instead of going to bed right after. It works like the other light facial moisturizer if applied in the morning.


  • Only a little amount is needed.
  • Works well with an oily skin type.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Makes the skin soft.
  • Affordable.

I prefer this Pond’s product in a pump container because the gel is soft. It moves even with a light shake and the product spilled when I dropped it. I understand though that it’s easier to appreciate the appearance of the gel and its shimmery particles through the jar container.

Since it’s quite liquidy, it’s more unhygienic with the jar. To remedy this, I use a tiny spoon to scoop the gel.

The plastic lid sometimes detaches and fall.

Ingredients of Gel

Niacinamide is known for its anti-aging properties and its ability to remove pimples. This ingredient work best for the skin if applied topically. For acne sufferers, this can be another ingredient to look forward. I have a stubborn kind of pimple that I endured for 8 years. This is one of the few ingredient that really worked on me. Ponds Dewy Rose gel has this ingredient and I can say that the gel really helped my skin. There’s already a drastic change overnight.

But niacinamide still needs further studies. And since it’s anti-aging, it’s probably still early for my skin to undergo skin manipulation. Being excited to use products might make the situation worse or age me instead of making me younger.

Since it’s a miracle ingredient for my pimples, I may still consider this ingredient during desperate times with breakouts. I don’t plan to use this for a long time since I still prefer gentle and organic products for my face. I usually use 2 different set of facial products; for everyday use (maintenance) and for specific skin problem.

Inside the jar


No. But if it’s free, I am willing to use it again.

4.5/5. Not a perfect score because I want
to know the effect of it if used for a longer period of time.

I like both the Ponds Cleansing Gel and this moisturizing gel. But I don’t know which of the two caused my whole face to blush in the heat. Still, they’re some of the best products I’ve tried that also gave me a unique and nice experience.


  1. Ginamit ko lang ata to ng 1 week den nakalimutan ko na sya hehehe back to my old moisturizer


  2. kaya yan may vitamin b3 (niacinamide) para mag fade yung acne scars at skin pigmentation caused by excess melanin. ni-rereduce nya yung melanin. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Sam! The price of Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel in 10 grams is P155. You can buy a 50 grams of this in Lazada for P395.

  4. na try ko pang dalawang beses na to maganda sya sa mukha...nkaka blooming and maganda sya as moisturizer..

    1. Hello Jossie. Yup maganda siya. Effective talaga.

  5. This is the first time I've bought the stuff. Never been a Pond's user but you did a very good review and I'm looking forward to using this :)

    1. Thanks tinabocs! I hope that it will also work well on you and will match your skin type. In my case, it's just one of the "few" products of Ponds that really gave a visible change in my skin.

  6. Replies
    1. Hello Joycee! I've used this twice a day (morning and night).

      But if I will use this once a day lang, pipiliin kong gabi siya gamitin, and gagamit n lang ako ng ibang product sa mukha para sa umaga. Gabi para the magic will work best while I'm sleeping.

  7. Hello....! If I use this Pond gel.
    Do u think I should use Pond day n night cream also ?

    1. Hi Guech! I haven't tried the Pond's day and night cream yet. If you mean using them both at the same time (layering), I don't recommend it. Perhaps you could use the gel at night and the cream in the morning.

  8. Nakakatanggal ba sya ng pimple marks? Or can you give me some suggestion na pampatanggal ng pimple marks? I really need one. Thanks so much :)


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