Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Experience in Buying Watch at Lazada

What's inside the package
Unboxing the watch I bought.

My getup is only truly complete with a watch. But I’m still watchless now. It’s hard to buy a decent cheap watch since almost no one uses watch anymore. Why buy when you have a phone anyway? Unisilver doesn’t have leather. They’re mostly on silicon and plastic type which I don’t like. The strap of my previous watch is embarrassing to wear with its dark stains. All of my watch is disposable after 1-2 years due to damaged or dirty straps. Watch is not an investment to spend 2k or more for me. It doesn’t last even if it’s a branded one. Chances are it might not fit the kind of personality you have later on.

Choices are limited here in our province especially if you are searching for a particular design (we don’t even have SM here). I rarely find white watch. Unfortunately, the divisoria-like merchandise here sells cheap products that really have a cheap look and a poor quality when it used to be quite satisfactory before. Then I remember we have local online stores now so I searched in Lazada and Zalora.

Plastic container for watch

I am hesitant. It took me a month of browsing & contemplating before I decided to pick and confirm a purchase. I’ve already bought a gadget from Lazada before but this time I was more hesitant.

The watch arrive in a reasonable span of time. The shipping address is the address in our house but the courier delivered it at work. It was Mom who told the courier where I am. They don’t have a change so you have to prepare an exact cash to pay them. The delivery boy hurriedly went out after giving the parcel without both of us inspecting its content. Not the same experience on my first purchase online with them. But it’s okay since it’s just a watch.

Womage watch

I didn’t like it when I opened and saw it. The strap is far from being leather and its clock is big for my thin wrist. At first, it’s looks like those cheap divisoria watch only this time its pricier. But later on, I think it's just okay if only the size fits me.

A Closer Look

The watch is encased in a plastic container and wrapped with a bubble wrap. I saw an eyebrow strand in between, like how I sometimes find hair strands in my parcels from Sample Room. The texture of strap reminds me of styro (it’s not a styro though) but I can’t identify the kind of material it is. It’s not a fabric like in jeans but it’s the kind that attracts dirt easily.

The worst part is it’s really big for my wrist. I want to return it but I feel like it’s only a hassle and a waste of time. What if they will also reject the reason of returning it?. What you see is not what you get. It looks too pretty/perfect in the website and quite fine with my photos here but it’s still different when you see and feel the product personally.

It’s normal to not expect too much in the pictures from catalogs but I didn’t expect the same rules applies with online stores even if it’s a popular site. The pictures taken by ordinary people selling stuffs in their facebook page/group is better since the products looks closer with how it looks in real life. Sometimes I feel like it’s my own fault that I expected too much. 

Flaws of the strap
The uneven cut and the peeking glue residue is obvious.

Strap: Front and Back
The back of the strap is actually just fine.

Watch in the wrist
I have to put it higher and farther from my wrist.

The watch doesn't fit
It's too loose for my wrist.

Lesson learned:
  1. Only buy products from the brands you trust.
  2. It’s better if you have a prior idea of the kind of item you’re planning to buy online like you’ve saw or encountered it already in real life. Experience will help you scrutinize products better.
  3. Read reviews first.
  4. Be particular with sizes.

I might still buy from them but maybe it will take a long time before my next purchase. This time, I will be more cautious with  the kinds of products I will buy from them.


  1. Kaya ako hesitant din ako bumili ng products from Lazada kasi gusto ko yung makita ko din in person. I bought a tablet toy from them and its ok naman at hanggang ngayon hindi pa naman nasisira nila twins He He He


    1. I bought a tablet din sa kanila, that was my first from them. Sana they will become like amazon version sa Pilipinas kaso hesitant na ako now, I have learned my lesson :D It's okay naman siguro to buy gadgets sa kanila, lalo na yung me review or kilalang brand like samsung, asus etc. Meron lang talagang products na sugal pala kung anong itsura sa real life.

  2. this is a problem with shopping online, what you see might not be what you get. so i'll always check for detailed specs (material, finishing, measurement and even weight) before I decide if I want to buy it, especially if it's a pretty expensive purchase.

    1. I research prior buying. But since I trusted the brand, I became too confident that I didn't research reviews. But then, I hardly find review of specific products over the net. I check the specs too, but sometimes they're not all revealed so it's hard to choose what's the best among the products

  3. I have never trusted Lazada . I just feel they are giving us fraud hopes on the items posted in their site. After some of my friends experience bad business with them I have already marked on the stone never to do business with them ...

  4. I don't buy accessories online unless trusted brand, mahirap kasi i-risk. For me a wristwatch is important, kahit na may phone. What if your phone's battery died, you can't even tell the time? Hehe. Haven't tried Lazada yet, but I am an avid online shopper. I get books from the National Book Store website and buy clothes, shoes, baby stuff and craft stuff from Instagram shops and that's it. Hindi kasi ako lumalabas ng bahay hehe. Thanks for the detailed review on your experience with Lazada. :)

    1. That's nice that we have the same mind about the matter. Watch is important in situations where staffs doesn't allow cellphones during examination or just a policy in some workplace. Hmm thanks for citing NBS, I once went to their site but I find it not very user friendly and not appealing. But not sure how it looks now. And I like books too, maybe I will try to buy there someday.

  5. I've only bought clothing online but not from Lazada. I've had my good and bad experiences. The watch you bought might fit a man better because of the size of the face

    1. I haven't tried buying clothes online. It's quite tricky for me to buy clothes in real life, how much more through online, right? But if it's a t-shirt, it's easier. Yes, I agree but it's not unisex and the design is feminine. Guy nurses wear watch, I wonder if they can use this. This is not an average size for female at all.

  6. So far my epxerience with lazada has been good. Reccently i have ordered a camera which came nicely wrapped and delivered. Agree to your point that we still need to be more careful with online shopping,

    1. I was also checking for a camera from them, but after what happened I'm not sure if I would still entertain the idea to buy a camera from them. Besides, camera is a sensitive gadget, who knows if it is carefully delivered.

  7. I never gave it much thought but you are right. No one wears a watch these days so they are harder to find. Too bad this one did not meet your standards. It is pretty.

  8. That's the reason why I avoid buying from online stores. Not just for watches but clothes too. You don't get the right sizes or material or quality! I bet it sucks when you spent the money and get something lousy in return!

  9. I usually read the reviews by other customers before buying, it is my best gauge on what the item is like 'in real life' rather than looking at pictures.


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