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The Marriage Bargain | Book Review

I read tagalong pocketbooks before since it was easily available than other kinds of books. I initially didn’t like reading pure text because I prefer comics but reading is really dominant in my genes. I don’t like to read PB now, that’s how some habits end. You’ve had had enough of them one day and you’ll look for something different and better.

It’s only just recently that I’m officially reading books (bestseller or the talk and raves) with my blog as the motivator. Some books feel harsh and really dark with their POVs making it worse that I don’t know if I should be relieved not having them before. For example, taking drugs at a young age is nothing but normal with most of the YA books. Then I got used to it eventually.

This book is not so different with tagalog romances, only it is written in English and more detailed. I’ve reread it for this review and also because I like this once and will recommend. The synopsis is stereotype. It’s good I didn’t bother to read it before, sometimes that’s the case with ebooks. I wish some books don’t have blurb at all.

The Marriage Bargain Book Cover

The Book in General

The guy is rich and needs a wife to claim his inheritance and the girl needs money. Even if the author used this as the base of the story, the progress is an enjoyable read. It’s a reminder of a love life when you have none. It’s always nice to read a love story that can make the reader laugh. It’s not a full comedy but it will pass as humorous. It’s not drama and will not cause you tears but there are two scenes that quite stirred my emotion.

Their Love Story

There’s an irresistible chemistry between them and this is a story of overcoming that denial. It’s a clash of two different personalities and compromising. Ego and pride is a common problem before a happily ever after. Nick is a typical guy but still a good person to me. Obviously it’s predictable but it offers amusement and entertainment.

It’s not lusty and trimming this a bit will still be just fine to me. Maybe the author has a different audience in mind. It feels like a work of fantasy for women that sugarcoats. You still have to wake up one day that the story is not what it is for most of us. It’s unrealistic but that’s most romance novels are.

About the Book

This is also a series but each book is a standalone where the next protagonists are either a family member, their best friends etc. I like the Marriage Trap better and if I am not mistaken it’s the first of the book I’ve read in the series. I don’t like the book cover and only because I recognize the author from the past books did I have an interest in it.

Once started, it’s hard to let the book down. This is a better alternative to Fifty Shade of Grey as you won’t be skipping pages. It’s not poorly written and is also a best seller. However it has a lot of negative reviews too that I believe is due to a very common synopsis.

The What If Parts…

The story starts in the present. I didn’t allow the reader to get sentimental and leave valuable moral lesson if you pay it more attention. The childhood past between is an ingredient that can make the book a lot better if it well developed. Even if they’re more of a rival than a childhood friend before, it can still be emphasize in a good way to make the readers root more.

Some parts of the book are deleted and that I believe a good decision made. It could make the start of the book boring and the other awkward, forced and very detailed. The epilogue is very nice though. I wish they have included it in the book. You can check it out here:

This is for adults only.


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