Sunday, April 19, 2015

Olay Whitening Pearl Extracts Body Wash Review

Olay Moisture Body Wash

This body wash is better than Olay Coconut Body Wash. The clean scent is more acceptable. It reminded me of a powder detergent at first sniff. There are few times that I recognize another scent similar to the previous Coconut variant. That 2nd scent is quite sour. It’s a scent that needs masking. But in general, it’s not bothering or even noticeable for some. I finished the whole bottle unlike the Coconut variant.

It seems that I’m getting used to body washes especially now that returning to bar soap requires another adjustment. Just the thought of the dry feel from oil stripping bar soap discomforts me. Bar soaps means adjustment to a new kind of lotion to compensate.

Olay Body Wash in the skin

It’s still Dove Nourishing Body Wash I like the most but this Olay Pearl Extract does pass my standards if it needs to be moisturizing. Yet, I still don’t like whitening products and body cleansers that leaves an oily film in the body. I can’t stop thinking of my poor towel spoiling from the residue of liquid soaps.

The experience is almost the same with the Coconut variant. The difference is its whitening properties. The liquid soap has few orange tiny beads too. The frequency is 1 bead and changes to 2-3 beads after consuming half of the bottle. The whitening effect is not that noticeable and perhaps mild. What makes it different from other body wash is it tries to moisturize the skin during bath (the smooth film that coats the body). After showering, it's as if nothing coated your skin previously and the skin feels normal while the suppleness remains. No dry residues that discomforts you in your big day.

Pearl Extracts Benefits

About Pearl Extract

It’s not easy to find credible articles about this. Like other popular ingredients, pearl extracts are said to have a lot of benefits to our body. Unfortunately, we are not sure of how it really works since the articles are usually just end results. We don’t know the harvesting process, the manufacturing and the absorption and interaction of the ingredient in our body.

With lots of wonderful claims, isn’t that too good to be true? It’s still a widely used active ingredient for hair and skincare products though it didn’t become as famous as others even after the perfection in the industry of culturing pearls. What surprised me about pearl is it is edible and is used even in the olden days. A powdered pearl can be found in Chinese herb shops. It has healing properties and antioxidants that slows aging. It is mostly taken internally but can be applied in the skin too. It is a source of Calcium and other minerals. What I like the best is its benefits for those who has hormonal imbalance. Externally, it exfoliates that's why right amount should be used to prevent skin irritation.

No wonder pearl cream sound familiar, right?

Ingredients of Olay

  • It feels mild yet luxurious.
  • Tender and smooth skin.
  • It’s not sticky even under humid or hot weather.

  • The usual disadvantage of creamy liquid soap. It consumes a lot of water during rinsing session. It’s a bit hard to rinse.
  • The need to scrub the body with loofah to loosen heavy and stubborn dirt. Sometimes I wonder if the lotion I put in my skin yesterday is removed thoroughly.
  • Not knowing what pearl extract is.
  • Overstated claims.


If you have been under the sun for too long or worst were sun burned, avoid whitening products and use a plain or dedicated product for your skin condition.




I’m looking forward for a more feminine design of bottles from Olay!


  1. Olay, in general, is a little challenging to rinse but I've always loved the moisturizing benefit from any Olay products. I haven't tried the local body wash but we have these huge Olays from the States. My brother doesn't like it but my Mom & I do.

    1. Really? Maybe they're focusing mainly in moisturizing. I haven't tried other Olay body wash that's why I am yet to witness if it's hard to rinse. I wanted to try the Olay version in other countries too. :) Want to see the difference.

  2. I am not a fan of Olay. I've only used it once or twice. I a more of a Dove person. However, my daughter loves Olay, and if my body wash, which is Bath and Body, already done, I dont have any choice but to use hers , too! :)

    1. Same thing happens to me, whenever I finishes products and I have yet haven't bought still, I borrow from my sister and mother. That's my original way of my exposure to other brands.


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