Thursday, April 16, 2015

BSKOS Hydration Moisture Cleanser Review

I can’t find even a single review of this all in one cleanser over the net except the reviews from Sample Room. Maybe this is new or not yet popular? No wonder it’s only 50 points. But the pump looks pretty and it doesn’t look cheap at all.

BSKOS Cleanser Bottle

Inside the translucent bottle is a quite visible yellowish substance. I thought the stuff is concentrated, sticky, and thick or probably a gel/cream cleanser that doesn’t lather well. It’s actually hard to guess at first. Then I found out that the cleanser is a runny liquid but not as watery like H2O Cleansing Water Sample Review. The consistency and how it feels like when applied in the skin reminds me of the experience between using Cetaphil and Lactacyd.

Since the bottle is half filled, I used it in my face for only 1 week and a few days. Using it in the other parts of the body is like wasting the product and not being practical. But sometimes I wonder how it will feel like when used as a shampoo. I could only assume how it feels like in the body.

Pump of BSKOS Hydration Moisture

  • The ingredients are not included.
  • There are words written in different language and is not translated.
  • There is no instruction on how to use the product.
  • Lathering the face twice feels necessary in this kind of cleanser

It's not a squeaky clean type. It doesn't strip the natural oil of the face. I can survive without putting moisturizer in my face. It cleans like it just removes the minor dirt. It’s mostly just fine with me. Besides, the face doesn't need harsh cleaning. It just needs to breathe and heal itself. That's why we need to wash our face even with a mild cleanser. We need to get rid of the dirt and pollution that coated our face to let it breathe.

Unless it's stubborn dirt, or let's say you've used a lot of makeup, you need a makeup remover.

A Closer look of the Cleanser


It feels like slathering your face with Cetaphil Cleanser but in a more improved and enjoyable experience. It is not as plain as Cetaphil since this has a clean fragrance and has a color. My face feels healthier after I consumed the whole sample. It feels soft and supple like a baby skin. It is not a whitening product yet some notice, including my mom, that my face became whiter. Maybe that’s just the result of having a healthy and glowing skin since this is not a whitening product. It’s a safe kind of white that is not sensitive from the heat of the sun and which doesn’t give a blushing face effect. I doesn’t makes the skin thin instead my face feels whole and free from impurities.


If only it’s cheaper and locally available, I might repurchase this product when I want something mild. I like the smell of this too.


What would you feel if a product doesn't have reviews over the net? Do you like a gentle cleanser or a heavy duty one?


  1. maybe the product was not intended for the Philippine market because the content were on a diff language. Understanding the content/ingredients i guess matter most to people with hyper sensitive skin.

  2. Never trust a product if it doesn't show the ingredients. You'll never know what's in it.

    1. This is only a sample product and I noticed that even famous brands doesn't list their ingredients in their samples. Sigh. It's normal but I believe it shouldn't be.


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