Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How Are You?

When a blog losses its personal touch, it's bound to die. Commercial kills it. It's not easy to go back.  It feels like making yourself vulnerable to the eyes of others when it was once a source of fulfillment and a place to unload. I miss the journal feel and the comfort it gives me. I miss the comfort and presence of sympathetic friends as well

It sucks to have no sense of purpose in life and be in a place that is not where you belong yet. I honestly miss the support and warmth of compassionate people. Almost everything becomes uninteresting when you are in this stage of life.

If you would ask me when did the last time someone genuinely asked me how I am and actually did something about it, then I will say it’s probably 5 years ago. Someone cared enough to support me financially in my studies. It’s not even a real relative since it’s more of in-law related. That is how strange life is. You find those who really cared and those who concerned themselves with problems not of their own but of other people and they’re not even your family.

Even though my scholarship was one of the main reasons why I lasted, the moral support I received is the glue that holds it together. It was my inspiration and what makes academic challenges easier. When someone truly believes in you, it was one of the best feelings you can ever feel.

That’s why I feel sorry whenever I see those who were not able to pursue college despite their real yearning, potentials and talents. I knew some who has this as their frustration and some who simply nursed hatred to their parents who didn’t even try enough and to their relatives who could have helped but chose to ignore.

So that’s it! I just miss being asked of “How are you?” but it’s mostly just a muted version of “Hi and I don’t really want to hear you’re not”. It’s mind your own problem. No wonder adults are different. Adults have bigger problems. Is that really the case though?

Tell me, when did you last care to a stranger, a friend or a family member?


  1. How are you? I wrote a post on this some years ago and the responses were mixed. People pay less attention these days... digital rush!

  2. I think most people are selfish and don't really care how the others feel.It is good that you asked. Sometimes I started losing faith in humanity and ask myself where did the love go?

  3. I am glad that you have the support of an in-law relative to get you through some trying moments in your life. Having a huge support system through family and friends truly help us live our life with meaning and with so much motivation. Your spirit is still there.

    Instead of waiting for others to ask how are you, try reaching out to a handful of your closest friends and ask them the same thing and listen. They might just be in the same situation as you are, waiting for a kind heart to ask that simple question.

    1. These are kind words. Thanks! Family really has a huge influence to us.


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