Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fast and Furious 7 (2015) Movie Review

Did you watch the Fast and Furious 7 in the movie theatre already? Bf said I will not enjoy it because it is about cars and racing (He thinks I only like love story since I recently indulged myself into books and movies in that genre but the truth is I’m really into a variety of things). Though my cousin said I will enjoy it and he was right.

I was surprised I did too because I was unconsciously expecting it to be a different kind of action; the serious and hardcore type. Instead, the feeling was like how it is with Pacific Rim though the later was way more overwhelming for me that I was even shaking when it finished. The action of the Fast and Furious 7 is meant to entertain and charm everyone.

Fast and Furious

The effects and the stunts are awesome. It tries to go beyond its limits to the point that the cars are dropped from the sky by a plane and it’s even real except the actors/actresses is probably not in the car when it was taken. It was my favourite part. When Dom is about to fire a gun at Shaw, I find it amusing when he suddenly decided to choose the street fight way where a scrap of metal is used to strike each other.

The storyline is very simple and devoid of suspense part. They focused more on unique and very intense stunts, witty+funny+cool dialouges, and application of modern technologies to deliver excitement to spectators.

You’ll get swayed with its continuous action that sometimes feels like suicide mission. But there are small details that have been taken for granted. I’ve notice that they hardly messed up or their bodies weren’t noticeably dirty. I don’t have time to focus on those things though when I was watching it. The chase downhill was also perfect that they never crushed in any trees except with the unfortunate foe.

It didn’t put me in tears nor was I touched at Walker’s role in the story. Maybe it’s because it’s my first watch in the series. I really feel bad about his death though. It feels like a great loss. Bf even told me of his charitable works that includes those of Yolanda victims.

Cinema Ticket

It was my first time to wait in line. It seems that a lot of people are looking forward for this. We may have bought the ticket way early yet we were last in line. Lesson learned? Some movies are very in demand that you have to fall in line. All seats were filled and those that are empty were reserved. They sold 9 tickets in excess and they don't accept refunds. The guard and the staffs seems unprepared and can't offer solution. They said to just come back for the next batch which will end at 9pm or just come back tomorrow. Anyway, the sound effect was obviously loud at the beginning of the movie.


  1. I haven't watched the movie yet. Fiance always has work and I don't want to watch all by myself. Most of my friends have watched it already.

    1. Minsan ganun din ako. I'm not that interested when I don't have a companion. It's still nicer to have someone to watch with.

  2. I loved this movie! I just watched it yesterday morning and I watched it again last night! I honestly got teary-eyed on their ending. I was really about to cry but I held it back because my mom was beside me. Hahaha lol. One great movie for me!

    1. Oh I want to watch the old films so I could relate. Maybe then, I would also want to re-watch this. It's your mom, maybe it's okay to cry :D It's an entertaining movie, but not yet my favorite.


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