Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You're My Boss ~ Movie Review

Who haven’t seen the trailer of You’re my Boss? The way it repeatedly aired in television, it’s as if it’s telling us it’s a promising movie. But the best movie doesn’t need a lot of promotion; its success comes from words of the mouth of those who have watched it.

The Trailer

The trailer doesn’t justify the real comedy the movie has. It could have been better if the “Oh my Gosh” of Coco Martin is omitted. But because it’s Toni Gonzaga, who caught my attention after the proposal of Paul, I became interested in this movie.

What we didn’t expect was that the scene in the elevator was really funny. Right from the start, the movie made us laugh and the humor continues for about 2/3 of the story.

You're My Boss Poster
source: starcinema.abs-cbn.com

The Story

Georginia substitutes her boss while he is gone. Unfortunately, the big boss of another company rejected her when he realized she’s not the real boss. It was an important meeting and he doesn’t want it to discuss with a representative or an assistant only. For Georginia, it was her last chance to prove herself after the last scandal she made in the company. That’s when Coco Martin appeared, and on the spot she made him act as their boss.

Does it always have to be a love story with a happy ending?

This movie could be made into a story of a friendship or just honesty as the main lesson. Love with opposite sex is not always what matters. How I wish Tagalog films gets creative and focus on other important and relevant things. If there’s no chemistry, then they should stop pushing the actor and actresses to continue in that role. Love story may give them profit, but they also risk themselves of a bad image.

Their lovestory feels like a rebound. The display of sudden weakness makes me cringe. Oh, this movie could have been beautiful!

Toni Gonzaga

Toni portrays the stereotype mean boss. It’s not really exaggerated because I agree of the existence of such boss. It made me wonder how those kinds of people with their attitude were able to climb high in the corporate world. Is that what it takes to be a manager or a leader? Maybe it’s something we should consider now if we want to advance in our career.

Toni did well in the movie. She was the main lead here while Coco Martin was more of a supporting actor.

Coco Martin

Coco’s effort and sincerity in adding humour in the story can be felt. But he should be more on intelligent and bad boy roles rather than easy go lucky, silly or ignorant roles. As Pong, it’s sometimes surprising how he was hired at all. Pong looks incompetent.

My Favorite Part

When the other boss wanted to play golf again and Pong, who don’t know how to golf, was doomed so he prayed hard. His prayer was then answered and the whole casts were stuck in the middle of the field holding an umbrella while it rains hard. Their expression was really funny together with the obvious fake rain

Good and Bad Things

Aside from the consistent laughter in the movie, they have promoted Batanes. They also tried to incorporate a moral lesson. However, some of the video of the island is jerky. Batanes is less vivid too. Maybe they should have used a better and high end equipments or avoided shooting while the sun is at its peak. It could be nicer too if they dig deeper in the culture of Batanes.

A tiny bit of it is rated PG. I was at first bewildered at the “tinetext” part. Then after that, there’s the funny blooper in the elevator that small kids might not understand.


  1. I thought too na hindi sila bagay as partners. Mas gusto ko pang kapartner ni Coco si Maja Salvador.



    1. Baka yun yung teleserye niya na me kakambal siya non? Hindi kasi ako nanood masyado ng TV. For me, it's still Julia? Pero wala pa akong alam na movie niya na patok yung chemistry...

  2. Wala man patok na partner Si Coco. Si Toni naman ang proven na kahit Sino partner box office hit kaya nadala ang pelikula.

    1. Thanks Anon for sharing your opinion. Hmm.. His teleserye naman before is good kaso I've only have some glimpse of it since I'm kapuso and I seldom watch TV before.

  3. Maganda ratings ng serye ni Coco pero mahina sya sa movies, before You're My Boss, bukod sa Feng Shui 2 na pinalabas sa MMFF, yung movie with Sarah lang ang medyo malaki ang kinita na movie nya which was 135M. Gusto lang maka-work ni Toni si Coco kaya she pitched this concept, and pinapanood naman talaga ang movies ni Toni. Ganyan din sa Starting Over Again e, mahina na ang kita talaga ng movies ni Piolo until he was paired with Toni.

    You're My Boss already earned 100M in the box office in only 6 days. Toni also said na sa totoong buhay naman daw, may mga instances na kahit hindi bagay ay meant to be. Aware kasi sya na hindi sila bagay ni Coco physically.

    1. That's what I want to say, mahina sa movies pero okay lang pag sa teleserye. I watched Feng Shui too and have a review of it here. I watched one movie of Toni before with Sam Milby and I like it :)


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