Saturday, June 27, 2015

Giving Some Love Advice

It's not that easy to give an advice if the person is very sensitive and is not used to constructive criticism. What if he'll blame you later or if he'll realize you're not trustworthy after. What if your friend lose his confidence and become unproductive. Then he will distance himself and won't be open anymore.

Years ago, a schoolmate said to me "Bata pa kasi kayo". Why did she say that? Kaya ba hindi naaayos ang relationship dahil bata pa? How come if we're not even minor. Seryoso ako kaya it's hard to admit that it was even my first love. The heart ache took more than 4 years to heal.. Iba kasi pag trinato ka na parang wala kang kwenta. Very prone sa mga choosy at mga minsan lang pumasok sa relationship tapos sa hindi pa deserving na tao.

Bata pa kasi kayo makes sense. It means you're not matured enough. But yes, it's part of the experience until you'll get better in handling relationship - pero sa ibang tao na. Kung crush mo lang siya, hindi pa yan. Pag nahihiya hiya ka pa pag nakikta mo siya at natatameme, hindi pa yan. Pag nadevelop ka dahil tinutukso siya sayo, hindi pa yan. Ang totoo natuwa ka lang sa atensyon ng mga nang aasar pero mawawala din yan. Hello?

Recently, a close person asked my presence just for some distraction. Napressure ako. I talked a lot and hah! it's like I gave him more on negative advices ulit. Just not to make him cry. I'm not a psychologist and minsan mahirap lang talaga mag isip ng pamatay silence especially if it's a very special case. Kung ibang guy yan, nasermonan ko na at naaway away pa "Tanga ka kasi eh" or "Kasalanan mo naman pala". Ganun din naman sila, there was one time before when I was just joking "what if makikipagbalikan ako?" one of them said "#%!$@!$%(ilokano word), but I can still be your crying shoulder". Same guy friend who said babarilin daw niya ako pag nilaglag ko siya or vice versa.

Bata ka pa. Birth age is a different thing. There are things that is better if we realize it personally. It's not for me to spill the beans. Hanggang dun lang muna kaya kong sabihin. Please love yourself first, because if you love yourself, that's when you can give more. Ang payat payat mo na. Don't just believe in words and promises. Mali eh, gusto ko sabihing mali yung mga nangyayari pero I can't say that. You're still under spell. Love is not a fairy tale. Bata ka pa kasi eh.

Gaya ko, bata pa daw kasi ako noon, can you share some unforgettable love advice that was given to you before?


  1. Haha I remember the time when I really got hurt by a guy friend from an online game na nangligaw sakin. We were close friends. After months ng pangungulit niya I fell for him. I told him. Then he said everything was a joke. I felt extremely depressed then. But he then admitted that it was real but realized that hindi daw niya kaya long distance relationship. I believed that. Convinced actually. I'm a practical person after all. Then kaya pala. He just found someone else who is super pretty na hindi pa niya nakikilala in person na mas long distance pa and she has a bf. I was like WTF. Wala. Parang ang sakit lang na lahat ng sinabi niya sakin yan din sasabihin sa kanya. I felt extremely ugly kasi feeling ko pinagpalit ako sa super hot girl. hahaha #bitter. I cried for the whole year and I didn't have so many friends. There were people who consoled me hahaha ang tigas daw ng ulo ko di nakikinig. Well, now I'm okay. I'm glad na hindi naging kami. Ibang tao na siya. We're not even friends anymore. Thanks for his physical appearance loving nature, hindi naging kami. There was someone else who loved me on my most ugliest time.

    1. That's a lesson learned hehe. Soon you'll realize how to distinguish when a guy is sincere or not. You deserve someone better. Ako years din naka move on... depressing true. It's the best way to learn. Having many friends doesn't matter naman as long as there's still someone who you can count on. 1 or dalawa is just fine. That's life :3 Glad you found someone na... Same here!


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