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Safeguard Acne Prone Skin Facial Cleanser Review

(Includes a gross picture of pimples.)

safeguard acne prone facial cleanser

I was taking a certain medicine that gives a great skin for a side effect. I finished medication while in the middle of using this Safe Guard Acne Prone Skin facial cleanser. The facial cleanser is still doing fine then. Soon my skin turned back to its ugly duckling state but it is slightly better than how worst it is originally. It's hard to accept when pimples are suddenly sprouting back when you’ve already gotten used in being pimple-free .

Then the breakout started…

I still hold on and gave it a chance because it's meant for pimple but I’d eventually lost my patience due to its gradual effect. The 8 weeks promise before the zits will totally clear up is such a long time (but it could also mean that it's gentle enough). I want an immediate result or a sign of improvement the next day to inspire me. I'm not getting that though. I stopped using the Safeguard facial wash and used Kojie San. I hope my skin won't build tolerance with that product. But now that my skin has improved, I'm using the two alternately. Sayang kasi...

product information

Desperation led me to use different techniques and products. There's the mud pack, the peel off mask, scrubbing the face with exfoliating facial wipes, washing the face with very warm water etc. Baby powder was used while moisturizing masks and creams was avoided to prevent the growth of germs.

Some of the familiar ingredients:
Salicylic acid
White Mulberry Extract
Job's Tear Seed Extract


The gentle skin shedding effect of Salicylic acid will help unclog pores and remove blackheads and whiteheads. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it minimizes oil production that is beneficial for those who has oily skin. High percentage is harmful but most topical products only has a low percentage of it. Don't use multiple products that contains salicylic acid so as not to increase the percentage and to also avoid irritating the skin. Don't over exfoliate your skin. Continuous use will help prevent the occurence of pimples.

  • Fragrance is listed in the ingredients yet it has an unpleasant weird smell. It smelled like a spoiled food.
  • I'm not comfortable with a not thoroughly clean face.

Price: 199php for 100ml

dirt in cotton

There's still dirt residues left in the cotton if you will use a toner. It doesn't dry the skin since it's a cream type cleanser and I have an oily skin to begin with.


The very first week that I have used this, there was an improvement while my facial skin adjusted to it. It lessen my blackheads and shrinks it a bit. It helps remove the pimples I have in the cheeks yet those that are in the forehead remained.

I still haven't achieved a clear face and I doubt that using this alone will help. Exfoliation is still needed. I prefer peel off mask to remove dead skin cells rather than scrubs. My pimples are fewer now.


I may have gotten used to the scent now but still a different scent is better or if possible the original scent of safeguard will be great. Unfortunately, the slow progress is not for me. I like the bar soap variant better than the liquid form. You can check the bar soap review here: Safeguard Acne Prone Skin Face & Body Bar.

I consider this as an ordinary facial wash that is more of maintenance rather than a fast way treatment for massive breakouts. If you're not in a hurry, this is for you. If you are not diligent of using a product every morning and night, you may have a hard time finding good results with this.

This review is only based from my personal experience. Results may vary. There are tons of reasons why pimples occur for everyone of us. Please take note that the kind of pimple and the skin type I have may differ from you too.


  1. I've always known Safeguard to be a good anti-bacterial and germ-killing soap - at least that's what their ads have always told us. It is good though that they've come up with a new product to introduce to the market. It helps. BTW, Safeguard has this distinct smell, so I'm guessing that even their facial wash has that signature Safeguard scent no?

    1. That's what I was looking forward too, but this variant of facial wash carries a different scent.

  2. I think this would be good to keep the skin clean on a regular basis rather than for acne treatment.

    1. Prevention is better than cure. I strongly agree with you. Sometimes we are just dirty inside and out. One way of cure is not enough for some. We have to be wary of our diet, stress, cleanliness of our bed, water intake and the likes. Too many factors.

  3. It is sad to know that it can only be compared to a normal facial wash. Maybe if you will stick with an 8-week challenge using this, there will be a great result. Most of the time, beauty products do not have quick effects, it will take time.

  4. Thanks for the honest review. It is true that results may vary. You can try Royale Kojic soap :) That's what I'm using and it is effective. It dries up pimples and clear the skin. Many have tried it and it is effective to them too. Let me know once you tried it

  5. I actually have this and gave this cleanser to my sister and she doesn't like it. She said that he's breaking out. Now, she's giving it back to me to try it when I already have opened a tube of face wash from The Face Shop. I might try this if it works a little on you. I just have a fear that it might dry my skin but let's see.

    1. So far it doesn't dry my skin but I'm not contented. I ignore the feeling and use this "alone" for my night routine. I'm tempted to layer it but I wanted to see the effect of salycilic acid.

      However, I feel like I will not be comfortable to use this with a moisturizing product. It's a cream type cleanser so it shouldn't dry the skin. It's meant to deposit the pimple fighting agent than thoroughly cleaning the face.

  6. Im using this for a week now,cant find any improvements

    1. Hello Unknown, the effect of this product is very gradual for stubborn pimples. There are other variants or brands you can try. I like the acne "bar" variant of safeguard better.


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