Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ender's Game Movie Review

Ender: the main character
In year 2135, humanity is preparing to launch an attack on the homeworld of an alien race called the Formics who had attacked Earth and killed millions. Over the course of fifty years, gifted children are trained by the International Fleet to become commanders of a new fleet for this counter-attack. ~Wikipedia
Right after watching this, I was wondering if this movie is derived from a book. My guess is right! It didn’t become that famous though but it was a great movie for me. It seems that I have another book series to read soon.

Hearsay is there’s a lot of alteration in the movie. I’m glad that I have watched this but the huge change from the original story of the book might feel deceiving for fans like me. Would I hate it if I’ll read the book? Should I still read it? This was what happened to me in the book “Divergent”. It felt like they have only borrowed the idea (because they can’t make their own) which dishonors the book.

I felt the emotion and some of the message they were conveying. How strange that we humans are cruel for our own benefit. We kill other specie to extinction without realizing that they also have the right to live and stay. I don’t know the rule in war. Do we always have to opt for desperate measures? Can’t we first have a peaceful agreement? Imagine the sacrificed lives yet not relating to the fear they felt during the first invasion of the alien. Worst is, it might just be a false fear.

Initially, Ender feels like an arrogant character in the movie. He boldly speaks at his superiors and doesn’t follow rules and instructions too. At the last part of the movie, I was able to sympathize with him. The existence of his friends and their moral support add a beautiful touch in the movie even if they didn’t exist in the real book. The simulation graphics is nice too.

The story has the potential to match the fame of Hunger Games yet there’s a part that it falls short. The ratings are just average over the net. I can’t fathom what ingredient for success this movie really missed though. Perhaps it just didn’t impress a huge chunk of mature, serious and grown up viewers.

This is okay for those who haven’t read the book yet, like me… and for those who are young at heart and loves sci-fiction. This movie is child friendly and has a moral lesson in it.


Yes but no for those who tend to over analyze.


  1. Napanuod ko to. Hindi ko masyadong nagutuhan ung ending.



    1. The ending is not something I'm anticipating. Then the image of the wrecked world is even zoomed in. They're bad huh.. :D

  2. I loved this film. I didn't pay attention to it at first to be honest since aside from Harrison Ford, I know no one in the cast relatively. Good thing a friend recommended it to me and I was so wrong. One of the best sci-fi films for kids and even for adults too lately. I think the appeal favoured heavily towards the younger age groups thus a so-so performance on the gross sales.

    Can't wait for the sequel!


    1. ...and also, maybe their movie is not a love at first glance type. Not enough word of the mouth recommendation. You need to watch it to appreciate. I love this film too! No film sequel for this though (profit issue perhaps). I'm even curious with the alien's egg. Same here, it was because of someone that I was able to watch it. So I guess we're stuck with the book for a sequel.


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