Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Bit of my Style…

Bok Shoes 1

Bok Shoes 2

It’s good to have Bok Shoes around with its pretty and cheap shoes. It requires a sharp eye to find something simple and elegant. Choose something that makes you graceful and sophisticated, making your appearance in its glory peak.

-Stalk and wait.
-Buy something you truly love.

Simple and neutral with price range from Php200-500. If only this is white, for white is my usual preference. Size 7 but tight? I used to buy size 7 before. My real size is 7.5, though I only find those sizes in malls. Buy something that fits you well. If there is hesitation, truly there is. You’ll end up not liking to wear it and wasting money.

Semi Formal Dress

Semi-casual. Start investing dresses with collar. You’ll need that in professional field.

-Buy only if there’s a fitting room to get the best of your money.
-Don’t hesitate to try it first.
-Buy something comfortable.
-Shoulder size. It should compliment your size.
-Color. Choose the color you would love to use regularly. Do you want it to be striking or simple?
-Ask. Make a habit of asking how much. Soon you’ll find what stores offers this and that in lower prices.

Sad to say, from original prizes of Php190, they changing it to Php250.

Sleeping Dress

Sleeping attire
I have a weakness with teddy bears that adorns clothing in a perfect angle. It was such a bad thing that the fabric is not cotton nor satin rather it was something rubbery and smells bad.

Lesson learned?
-Use your other senses; smell and feel the texture.

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  1. wow...very particular sa outifts hihi :) but i like this --> "Buy something you truly love."


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