Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Avoid Loneliness

1. First acknowledge it. Then face it by finding ways to fight it like searching over internet for tips or asking someone of their personal experiences.

2. Help yourself. Take an action

3. Write a journal or make a blog

4. Extend help to someone. Volunteer for simple tasks.

5. Call your relatives. Look for someone who’s approachable enough.

6. Watch a movie. Inspirational or comedy.

7. Go online and meet friends. Be careful though. Finding who you can trust is not easy, but trying and being positive is harmless.

8. Determine what cause your loneliness. Is it due to lack of relationship or being not productive?

9. Remember that it will not last.

10. Benefit of the doubt. Lonely people interpret situation more negatively. You’re just making it on your head. It might be you misunderstood someone.

11. Listen to music

12. Think of those things or events in the past that made you say “I’m lucky and thankful I am alive”.

13. Share your feelings with someone you are similar with. If you are an introvert person, share it with an introvert friend too. An extrovert person doesn’t have the capacity to know and understand how you really feel.

14. Make yourself busy be it a hobby or volunteer acts.

15. Change the ambiance. Clean your room. Go out. Go to park.

16. Pamper yourself. Do things that make you feel good. Be selfish. Be happy. You deserve it. Remember that you cannot make someone happy if you’re not happy on yourself.

17. Reach someone you trust. You don’t have to tell them- just seek them for a distraction or diversion

18. Get a pet.

19. Consult professional help


  1. Exactly what I need right now. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for dropping by… ^_^ The point of living is being happy..


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