Thursday, April 3, 2014

PAINTING Polymer Clay

1. Clean the clay from oil and dirt
2. Use sand paper to roughen the clay and to allow the paint to stick
3. Make two coats of acrylic paint.

Polymer Clay is
-Oil based

-To color uncured clay, you can use oil paints and oil pastels
-Watercolor can provide a pretty tint/glaze on the cured clay
-Don’t use petroleum-based solvent since it will dissolve clay

Acrylic Paints
 -Permanent paint
-Acrylic paints can be thick or thin depending on the brand
-Since acrylic dries quickly, blending maybe difficult

Kind of acrylic paints

Poster Paint
-Not permanent paints
-It can smear or come off with water and too much humidity
-You can use sealer to resist water

Semi-gloss, gloss, or matte

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