Wednesday, April 9, 2014

If I Don’t Have a Love Life…

If I’m not lucky enough with love, I still want to be happy and still find meaning with life given to me. Here are some things that I have in mind:

Studying different arts.
I want to indulge myself in crafts and learn everything that can be learned. It’s the most pleasant way to chill and unwind.

Teaching kids.
I was so starved with knowledge when I was a kid and so I want to change the likelihood for some curious growing kids. Knowledge is useless if not shared. I wanted to teach children skills they can enjoy at the same time. Some children’s time is better spent in worthwhile activities.

Busy in online business.
I’m making my own products or just reselling things. I frequently glance at my tablet for customer’s inquiry and packing parcels to be delivered. Sometimes I'm just searching for strategies and the likes for the improvement of my online store.

A tutor of skills learned in college.
What’s better than make use of knowledge learned during those 4 years? Teach it to others while the process helps retain it in your memories. What you have learned is not wasted.

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