Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nawawalang Respeto?

I just had a glimpse of a FB post regarding students’ lost courtesy. If it really happened somewhere, no doubt it can be true. I just can’t help having an aftermath thought. The story was just this gone “good morning” greetings. I don't know the whole story but I comprehend it this way; out of all those who came, only one student cared to greet. It was a bit surprising since saying “Good morning” is just an easy task. Instead of complaining these courtesies, for me it is a very troubling issue. How about making a move to educate our kabataan in values education than just pointing them out? I hope there's no discrimination here.

It’s not their fault. Or it’s not them to blame wholly. It’s our present environment’s cancer. Home is where we first learn followed by what school taught us. Home and School. I’m thankful that I was somehow taught courtesy in our home. However, let’s not deny how hard to stick with these values when those people you interact daily don’t do the same. Worst, those who teach or criticize don’t really practice it themselves. Here come the churches too, I believe they’re supposed to teach values to young children.

Way back high school, a lot of teachers are complaining with students’ lack of courtesy. Did elementary fail to teach students some values or these high school teachers have lacking efforts to be a role model and adviser? Only few of those teachers who take time to reach out, I knew some :) and they inspired me.


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