Monday, April 28, 2014

I lost my FD

After a long week with work, I always look forward for the rest day. However, when weekend is over, I feel like it's better not to have a weekend at all if it wouldn't be productive.

“There’s no potion for grief.” This weekend I am somewhere far, and I even felt I really was and thought I wouldn’t be able to wake up the next morning, until I called him.

The lost of my flash drive was a huge discouragement. A really huge discouragement that gave me an empty feeling. I’m lost with words. I owe my self a rest yet my slumber was still filled with different arrays of nightmares.

I cleaned the room. I need to keep moving…

“Peace be with you”. The mass I dedicated for him and for my dying kin. It was as if there’s a message for me too, about how to have peace. Five things to have peace; forgive, interact, openness, having a mission and living with the Holy Spirit.

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