Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Felt the Earthquake

I was in deep slumber when I felt a light shaking, as if someone was just wanted me to wake up. Perhaps it happened early in the morning, it last not more than 20 seconds. While I was asleep, my mind was processing whether it was an earthquake or if I should panic or not. I did not, since it was not that strong. It was odd. There was part of me that just resigned and just opted to wait. I was thinking were to go but I’m too lazy to stand up. What if it was a strong earthquake? Will I have the same reaction? Not move and wait for fate to decide?

I wish not to witness a great catastrophe. It’s a hearsay that before a great earthquake there’s hot weathers and the likes.

I found news in this site (link here), however I didn’t find our own province included. It’s a 5.9 magnitude in Ilocos Sur around 4:45am.

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