Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just Got My Polymer Clay Online.

Finally, I got my parcel I bought in Facebook. I thought I’ll be scammed for I haven’t received updates. I was in between of getting nervous and being calm. Besides the seller made clear she’s busy, and that’s something to consider.

These tiny clay bars are super expensive, for me though. Just this four blocks cost me 500php. I think it’s not practical to use this if I will make huge arts. I was just curious. Once I went to national bookstore in Baguio but found none. So the choice left for me is to buy through online else I’ll to travel. Yay.

I guess, the size would be around the size of pingpong ball once you make it round. Sculpey III is soft when I pinched it unlike the first China clay I bought. I even felt crestfallen for it was my first ever polymer clay.

It took 5 days to deliver since the payment was done.
Polymer Clay Parcel
Unboxing the parcel.
Polymer Clay in Bubble Wrap
Polymer Clay in bubble wrap.

Glowing in the dark clay
Sculpey with China polymer clay (glowing in the dark)
Sculpey Polymer Clay Size
See how small scupley is
Sculpey Polymer Clay
I really have to put my picture, huh?


  1. Wow, you like polymer clays? I plan to sell some of mine that I am not using (brand new) anymore. Let me know if you are interested, I used to sell accessories made from polymer clays. :)

    1. Hindi ko na rin nagagalaw yung materials ko ms. Christine. I don't know when ko ulit siya ireresume. Thanks sa offer ^_^

    2. help? tutorial lng sana? bago lng mgsu2bok... salamat


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