Sunday, July 5, 2015

I Have Reasons...

I've grown in an environment where people doesn't celebrate or give much emphasis to birthdays or anniversaries. It's not a surprise why those things are not a big deal to me then. It doesn't mean that a person is not important or I don't love him/her just because I don't know his/her birthday. A part of it may be true but can't the person just needs to lie low for awhile?

A friend made me feel like it was such a big deal to not know our other friend's birthday. Whaaaat? You dont knooow iiiiit? I know the month and used to know the exact day. Sorry guys! I just have to. To make it feel worst, she tested me by asking when is her birthday too. Too bad I am not sure of the day. Why not when I know that her birthday and my best friend’s birthday are next with each other and I can always cheat in Facebook when the months approaches. I'm that lazy. I know my best friend's birthday though... Then she said, “If the person is important to you, you should know those little details”. It's like saying I don't consider her special because I don't know her birthday. It was like I was slapped hard in the face. They used to be that important to me way back. But hey, I don't even know the birth year of my parents, the birthday of my favorite cousin who I'm always with, and the rest of my friends or best friends. Unless, the date is really easy to remember like it's on April Day's fool and the likes.

Deep inside the little brain of mine, there it whispers “Do they even know my birthday? Did they ever made me feel special or show even a little bit of effort? Remember those days when we were still young, I went to your house just to give you a birthday letter and you only laughed at me for that silly gesture. Did some of our friends say thanks whenever I remembered their birthday and gave them gifts too? Can't you feel how may times I've tried to hold on? Called you many times on phone to reach out yet you always say that you're too busy and passed the phone whoever is around? I was there, but did you noticed it? This is why it's weird....


  1. I feel you. I used to greet people on facebook when their birthday notifies me but then again I told myself, why bother to spend so much time on people who doesn't do exactly the same?

    1. Ooops that's me... I don't reciprocate or greet in facebook too. Unless the person is my closest friend. I just hope that it's not a big deal if I don't greet them in facebook. I'd rather hear it personally or spend real time with them.


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