Monday, July 13, 2015

Minions 2015 Movie Review

The coming of Minions in cinema is a much awaited movie. The collectibles of Mcdonalds and the commercial in televisions just teases and heightens anticipation. I was not yet planning to watch this but cousin treated me.

The duration of this movie is very long despite the simplicity of its story. The craziest and funniest part for me is few and that is when Stuart was given a gift of gratitude (a snowglobe) and when Bob pulled the sword which led to the huge shift of the story. It may seem strange but the best part is the beginning (along with the trailer) and the end of the story.

Minions in Orlando

The movie is just average. The excuse why the outcome of the movie is not that appealing to adults is it's meant for kids. Pero kahit na! The Despicable Me is for kids like how most of the cartoon are for kids too. But still, a lot of adults are captivated in Despicable Me. So why not continue the charm in the Minion’s own movie? They could have done something better.

For Kids?
I noticed that some kids laughed the loudest when there’s someone hurt. I was also quite horrified to find some mild sexy jokes. I only relaxed a bit when I’ve read over the net about kids not capable of understanding the joke due to their age.

Minions are lackluster without Gru. They didn’t shine here. The really best part of this story is the appearance of Gru as their next baddest boss. It’s a quick entry yet heartwarming. He is so cool and not so evil-looking yet.

Scarlet overkill is the annoying antagonist that was dubbed by Sandra Bullock. They should have made Scarlet a Gru like female version and just put a twist later on. I even once admired her in the trailer. All I can remember is her excessive anger with the Minion’s failed mission. She shouts a lot. Featuring Sandra Bullock’s voice is only like a marketing strategy to boost the sales.

Minions Poster
From wikipedia

The movie will benefit for some complexity. It should be the kind that makes the fans ask for more. We need a character we can admire and we don’t have that in this movie. Maybe it’s the hardest part in creating their story. I still admire them in Despicable Me though. Kevin, the minion who got the idea of finding a new master, seems like their leader but that shouldn’t be emphasized since it contradicts their main characteristics which is being dependent to a baddest boss from other species.

Some parts that I failed to understand instantly:

  • I thought that the round flower is meant as revenge of Minions to Scarlet. But it was actually a gesture of apology.
  • I didn’t realize that the attendees of the coronation of Scarlet as the queen of England are all villains. That made me wonder why civilized people suddenly became violent. 
  • I thought the queen is an antagonist too. 

Positive Part. They’ve tried to portray a little bit of how minions care for each other but it’s not the highlight of the story. Stuart tries to be sweet to Bob by wiping the dirt on his face. Moral lesson? I don’t know.

Instead of a stand alone movie, it’s more of a long Prologue. They could make this shorter. I recommend to watch the Despicable Me movie first, though my cousin haven’t watched it but still enjoyed it. Don’t watch the trailers too to avoid spoilers. Don’t leave the cinema immediately, the credit part is the best part of the movie.

In spite of everything, Despicable Me will always be one of my favorite. :) Gru... I think I like him printed in t-shirt. He’s much more adorable here than in Despicable Me.


  1. I loved the Despicable Me more. Parang kulang nga ung minions kung wala si Gru at yung tatlong kids. I found them funnier sa Despicable Me. Hindi ko natapos yung movie medyo nabored ako after dun sa part na nakoronahan si Bob.


  2. So much here's fairly uninspired, lacking depth and detail, or not so zippily zany. Mostly these underlings just underperform.


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