Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ant Man (Movie Review)

ant man coat

We're about to watch the Terminator but it was replaced exactly on the day we watched this. My cousin was really looking forward for that and was quite hesitant to watch the Ant-man. I'm not actually interested in Terminator. Not that I only like a love story movie, it's just that not all action movies appeal to me. Yung tipong pinagbibigyan ko lang... Guys sila eh. Besides I can't resist being a Santa when simple things makes other people genuinely happy.

Ant-man. Parang walang dating. Yet it's one of the nicest movie I've watched in Cinema. It's unique compared to the recent action movies I've watched. Simple, cool, and funny but worth the payment of the ticket. Even funnier than minions. I really laughed then felt embarrassed because ang ingay ko ata. I'm surprised when we both thought it will be boring. The humour pile up in the last part of the story which was also the climax. There's 2-3 korni humor on that last part but generally the rest feels relatable or natural. It's a good way to end it.

I was quite worried since I don't know what to expect. It's not predictable but not complicated. So far it's one of the movie that has good reviews over the net. Reviewers didn't complain a lot on exaggerated story or effects. This movie doesn't overwhelm us with their special 3D effects because it doesn't need to. There's nothing new in the story but they were able to keep it interesting throughout.

We usually see some female and male casts falling in love after every action. I was cringing for that to happen again. It doesn't have to be like that always. Action is action, not a love story. Okay, it still happened here but it didn't made me roll my eyes. It's short and not emphasized.

now showing ant man

The conversations is hard to understand on the first 1/3 or ½ of the movie. What's the point of paying if the audio is bad? It turned out that it's technical. It only became clear when the aircon is probably turned off when the mall closed. Because of that, I didn't understand the first part of the story but I still enjoyed the movie in general.

The daughter of the protagonist is very adorable. She's a daddy's daughter. They've used this relationship to make the story more beautiful. They've tried to incorporate a moral lesson. “Love comes forever”.

My cousin and I were grinning when the movie ended. We were still talking about how hilarious the movie is when we rode home.

Favorite Part:
The daughter said: “It's uglyyyyy. I love it!
No one will gonna die because he has a key chain.

Recommend? Yes

Rate: 4.5/5


  1. Gusto panuorin to ni jowa, I hope magustuhan nya.


  2. Let me know if you both enjoyed this :)


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