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A mainstay: Iwhite Whitening Peel off Mask

Iwhite Whitening Pell off Mask

I know it's not something new but that won't stop me from sharing my review and opinion about this product. It’s a mainstay and will always be a part of my skin care regimen.

iWhite Whitening Pack is a peel-off mask that effectively strips off all kinds of skin impurities. With the use of the iWhite Whitening Pack, visible results can be seen immediately:
an instantly brighter, clearer, and smoother skin.

Way back college, my female friend pointed out that (we) I have black heads and that I should use the nose peel counterpart of this. It's embarrassing to think of how I'm so manang, ignorant and less observant of my body before. No one influenced me and most of the changes I did is more on initiative or a lesson learned in a hard way.

I stopped using the nose pack though. As if I have a huge patience for beauty things before! I'm not so girly and I'm so nerdy (If only I could go back, I will recommend to the old me to go for a spa facial wash, nose pack for weekly maintenance and to wash the nose with warm water).

Residues left
The residue left after peeling the mask off.

Going back, it's only just recently that I realize the importance of using this. This peel off mask has been with me for years now. This is great for those who always have white heads, big pores and those with oily skin type. There are different kind of mask for different skin types and concerns. Even a single peel off mask can hugely vary from other peeling masks.

Contains natural active ingredients and Vitamins A, C, E & B5 that helps:
Lighten skin discoloration
Soothe and revitalize tired skin
Prevent premature aging
Slow down the rate of free-radical damage

The mask has different plant extracts as an active ingredient. I’m not really after that. I don’t reap those benefits as well because I only use it once a week or when necessary instead of the recommended 2-4 times a week. For those ingredients to work, I believe it should stay longer in the skin. That’s why serums are applied overnight.

It is cool on the face. But if I’m really into relaxation, I’d just use another kind of mask for that.

This will hurt if you have a facial hair or if you applied a thick layer. It takes longer to dry but it removes a lot more impurities. On the other hand, a thin layer is harder to peel. If you are consistent in using this, it will not hurt.

Face covered with Mask
Picture years ago.

My Version of Doing it

Clean the face first. Scrub if you like. Apply the sticky liquid in the face. You might need a tissue or wet wipes to remove the sticky residue on your fingers. Face the electric fan for a quicker drying. Remove it with the use of a tweezer. Remove the remnants with a plain cream (I use Myra facial cream). If it’s painful, apply the facial cream all over the face or use a soothing powder.

Directions for Use: After washing face, apply a generous amount of the Whitening Pack on the face and spread evenly while avoiding the eyes and mouth area. Wait for 15 minutes or until it dries then peel off upward starting from the chin.
For best results, us 2-4 times a week with other iWhite skincare products.
Refer to the packaging for complete product information.

  • The expiration date is digitally printed in the sachet. 
  • It unclogs the pores and removes those hardened sebum. 
  • The removal of facial hair, dead skin and white heads makes the powder/foundation look better in the face. The presence of facial hair sometimes makes a halo, and if you have a sweaty kind of face, the foundation sticks in those tiny hairs too instead in the skin alone. Your make up will not look natural, so use this to remove those hairs. 
  • I have a weird feeling that the pain signals the body to heal pimples just like the pain concept of bee venom and needles. I use this whenever I have breakouts. 
  • When it comes to exfoliating, it evenly removes dead skin cells than scrubs. 

Hardened sebum white heads
The worst so far.

  • It didn't feel itchy years ago, but now I noticed that there are times it’s itchy. There’s very occasional redness too. 
  • The shape of the new sachet packaging makes it harder and messier to pour the product out. Narrower is better. 

If possible, use this at night than in morning. Give your skin some time to heal. Use plain products. Even how tiny it might seem, I consider my skin broken after the removal of facial hair (just like how it is when waxing your legs).

I only buy sachets since I sometimes undergo hiatus from using this. It happens when my face is healthy or I’m under medication. Besides, I don't want the pressure of finishing the whole bottle.

Recommend? Yes

Repurchase? Yes

Rate? 5/5

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  1. I have used this way back in high school too. I just have not tried using this again =)


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