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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Book 1) Review

I'm glad to have read this book without spoilers. So far, it's nice and I enjoyed it. Some twists are shocking even if the other reviewers say it's not original. This book made me miss HP (Harry Potter) books but nothing can beat the magical world that HP created.

The world they've made around City of Bones is just simple. My late reaction after finishing the book is it's not satisfying. I want a world that is really complex and would amaze me. I also want to jump on action part right away. Waiting for the mystery to unwrap is agonizing but not so horrifying when revealed. I will still say that this book is okay. I just hope that the next books of Mortal Instrument series is worth reading.

City of Bones (Book 1)

I hardly put the book down. It only happens when I need to sleep. It's quite addicting. It took me 2 days to fully read the book or not even an entire day if it's weekend. Our protagonist, Clary Fray, has some past memories she can't remember because it was intentionally removed from her. She may have learned her real identity but those past memories are not yet revealed in this book and the author didn't hinted if there's more to look forward. The author didn't put much cliffhanger that will make you desperate over the next book.

This book is about shadowhunters, they are Nephilim but they are far from the true Nephilim of the Bible which is half human and half angel. The main teenager characters are descendants of both shadowhunter parents, not of a human and angel. There's a lot of questions I have in mind like the shadowhunter that was bitten by a werewolf. How come that he survived knowing that he became a mixture of 3 breeds now? The author should have added some disadvantages. It's a loophole that can be easily abused.

I hate fictions that is far from myth and legend they originally came from. Angelfall is better. There's still 5 more books in the series that I might read. I just hope that it won't disappoint me

The Love Story?

It's still going there but wow, the awkward situation later was hard to accept. I want to read the next books just to know if those are all lies. Are you joking? I can't imagine that on my current relationship. I felt sad. What will happen next? How does it feel to fall to a person only to know later that it's a wrong kind of love? What is more important to you, love or blood? Will you do the right thing or nurture it instead?

The Casts.

For the 2 main guy protagonists, there are some parts where their love seems not natural. I can't sympathize with them or even relate. It seems like the author can't understand and think well like a real guy do so the delivery is not that good or smooth.

So far, it seems that I need to get accustomed that most of the best sellers are not always well written. I thought all of them is perfect like HP and the likes. Maybe it's just the way it is, that most of successful books are easy to read that even elementary students would not have a hard time reading it. A successful book just need a charming story or if not, a scandalizing story. But I still want and prefer to read something challenging and appropriate to my level.

I didn't like the movie trailer because the casts look young, their appearance doesn't match in the book and the font they've used looks cheap. I've read some reviews in Goodreads too and found out that there's a lot of readers who hate it. They whined a lot about plagiarism to the point that I got exhausted in reading the reviews on their main page (the similarity of negative reviews really wore me). I've enjoyed reading this book naman since it's a fast read. I barely notice the similarities with other books except that the werewolf reminds me of Lupin in HP. I would say that those negative reviews had still affected me, it made me realize things I would ordinarily miss. I wish that Goodreads will show a balance of positive and negative reviews on their main page and group every identical reviews so it will minimize redundancy. It's nice to read fresh ideas, right?

Recommend? Yes

Rate: 4/5
Oh please suggest a fast read book below ^_^

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