Sunday, July 12, 2015

2nd Time at Logos Hope La Union

logos hope ship

I'm really looking forward for this ship to arrive. I want to hoard books again. So far, I went home empty handed. I just can't roam around and scrutinize potential books because I'm with my cousin. It will just spoil his first Logos Hope experience if I will look at the books one by one since he's a guy and not into books. I always want to have a good glance whenever there's a bookstore. It's good that he still enjoyed his first ever visit to Logos Hope.

What I miss the most is the part where you can buy any 2 (can't remember if it's 3) educational books and pay 500 pesos only. In this ship's previous arrival, most of my purchases are computer books. This time though, I find the choices pretty limited compared before where there's a lot of eye catching books from different sections. Hopefully, they'll have those kind of books next next year.

A Glimpse Inside the Logos Hope:


Where the short orientation is held.

logos hope ship

My cousin :p

history of logos hope

History of Logos Hope in the wall.

cousin fooling around in children books

Children books. My cousin is just fooling around.

tagalog books

Shelves for Tagalog or Filipino authored books. I have a review of those Lovestruck books and that's an award winning book.

Review Here:

souvenirs from logos hope

One of the souvenir of Logos Hope. I might have bought this if it cost P50.


A storyboard of "Journey of Life".

kids area

Where kids can distract themselves.



i love philippines

What I Took Home:

souvenirs Ive bought
Kuripot lang?

free reading materials
Free Reading Materials

Some first time experiences are really hard to beat. I saw lesser crew when we went there and it seems that they're tired. I miss their contagious smile. Last last year was very lively and fun.

You can read my first experience here:


  1. Is this different with the MV Doulos? Ship of books din kasi yun e. Sarap mamili at magtingin ng iba't ibang books dyan.

    1. Parehas lang sis. Ito din yun. True ^_^ though I like the selections last last time. So far, I've went to the ship again and bought books na. Almost 1/2 or 1/3 of the books kasi are for children so for an adult like me it was quite hard to look for irresistable books. Ang mga kids pa naman ngayon tablet na ang hawak.


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