Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Adding Insult to Injury

For many years I have stayed in this earth, these are the few times this scenarios happened to me. Until now, I haven't figured the best way to handle this. Nah... I wonder where they've got the guts. Or maybe there purpose is. Those unsolicited words will kept me wondering and give me something to despise of.

Is it them being hypocrite, sarcastic or tactless? Since I don't have enough courage to tell some things, I'll just give an analogy:

Take note, this is only an analogy. We recently finished taking our quiz. I'm the only one who got a low result.

(We we're sitting together. Then, I saw her eyes look upon me. Then she started a conversation in a once silent group)

Her: Why is that some got low result?

(I remained silent and uninterested to join about the topic. Quite lamenting about the hard truth and wanted to better forget about it)

Her: I will not do that. No matter what happens. I will review until early morning. It's embarrassing. I got a 'low result' though (Of course she got a high score, almost all knows I'm the only one who got low)

Just so tactless right. I wonder why, is that an cunning invitation for me to join the topic? Or it's just to humiliate me.

Side Dish:
Way back academic years, this is the top lie of classmates, or worst even your close classmates

“I didn't review” (I actually reviewed, I'm just playing safe)
“I haven't started the project”

I hope we stop to show off, to stop bullying and to telling the world how superior we are and very important.

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