Friday, February 14, 2014

Sites for Polymer Clay

My researches about polymer clay art send me to the pinnacle of great ecstasy. Just for now, I know and I’m riding. Let's see how far it would take me. So far, these are some interesting, informative or helpful sites for polymer clay art for me:

Kageshoujo [Link Here]
Good thing I came across in this blog. Great topics regarding polymer clay. Long and detailed and very helpful. Just check the 'top posts and pages' to find the topic about polymer clays. My rate 4.5/5.

Deovir Art Supplies - Wall | Facebook [Link Here]
- When I went to SM Baguio last time and explored stores one by one, I can’t remember encountering this place. Next time I will go to Baguio, I’ll look for this.

Pinay Crafter (not updated) [Link Here]
- An unfinished tumbler about polymer clay art.  Although it has only few and basic information, I find the information helpful for starters and quite entertaining. I like the way she mentions prices and alternative places to buy cheaper materials.

So Craftastic [Link Here]
- One of the youtube channel I am subscribing but I haven’t watched all the videos. It caters different crafts not only polymer clay art. It has the most of likes compared to other polymer clay tutorials. It seems the vlogger is a full pledge hobbyist.

Polymer Clay Tutor [Link Here]
-This youtube channel has a lesser likes compared to So Craftastic. Still I like some of the videos because of new clay techniques and tips I learned. The presentation is nice. Video is clear. However, I find some videos that are too lengthy and some not too informative at all. Nonetheless, I’m subscribing.

I know these are only few of sites I went. I will continue to update this blog post as long as I found a site I like.

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