Monday, February 24, 2014

Standing Position in the BUS?

My choice of title seemed odd. I am trying to come up with a new title but none I find suitable enough to replace it. It was a joke came true and an end of avoidance. Fate won’t spare me to this hilarious experience of standing in the bus as I wait my destination. Nonetheless, it didn’t come to the point that I stand the rest of my travel. (I feared though. I believe I don’t have to stand when I knew my destination is just nearby.)

I’ve always gotten curious with us Filipinos, our present traits and culture is reflected in our typical transactions and everyday dealings. I love to observe common folks. At times, I get concern that the once good distinction to us Filipinos will only become a part our country’s history. A valued practice that heads into a brink of extinction. No more for care but competition and selfish practicality or even greed.

I was standing
I shouldn’t be standing. There was still an available sit, the last one. But unluckily, this girl behind me was called by some fortunate acquaintance to sit there. It left me a bad feeling. I was going to go out but the bus started and I was even at the back. Worst, the bus went to another stop over and loaded a lot of individuals.

My point
-I wish those “just because we are acquaintances attitude” would not be practiced anymore. A line should be respected. (There’s no line actually)
-The bus sardines. Are we lacking of bus? If yes, isn’t that a business opportunity? Sigh. There’s a lot of opportunity in our country but we Filipinos likes working for other people instead of creating one. We can be resourceful. No wonder we are left behind. And if there is an accident along the way? Isn’t it a lot of bus recently has gotten into a lot of accidents?

I hope we don’t forget to say “thank you” or “please” to the random kindness given to us by strangers we meet along the road or even in bus. Those words, short as it may seem, will give encouragement or may become imitated by fortunate observers.

There are a lot of same stories, some I haven’t included in this story but someday I might share.

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