Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday To You February...

I'm really an inexpert when it comes to gift giving but then you have to meet errors first before you'll perfect any art.

I have here a flash drive I bought in Baguio. This is a practical and useful gift. Not everyone has enough flash drive or spare one to use unless you're an I.T. But uh-oh... i was so confounded with excitement of buying it that I forgot my own GB size. (I have a lot of flash drive that I didn't mind to absorb details)

I only realized it back home when I opened my flash drive. It should have been a 16GB like mine so I can share many videos at once.

I was about to try 2Go service but I was surprised with its price. It costs P144 and will be delivered for 3 days. I was hoping for a price around P25 only. I didn’t ask for any further questions like if they can offer a lower prize. I was even squeezed in their very hard to open door. Sigh. Yeah this is 2GO story.

About LBC, nothing really extraordinary. The price is still P155. I was asked if it's delivery. Even if they asked, do I know the difference it make or the pros and cons?

It was during lunch break when I notice how ungentle they are with the packages. They'd just throw or shoot things in the tray. Pabagsak pa kahit sa main desk. No wonder the company won't accept breakable things. They tend to disregard the remaining smaller details when they have to deal with a lot of customers. This are few of those known private companies which I hope to see improvements and professionalism.

So this ends here... no more brain juice, only black haze.

Sweet memory tokens...

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